The Issues

Our communities are deeply divided, in a time when too many families are struggling with the rising cost of living. This legislature and Governor supported one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country and have engaged in repeated attacks on teachers and the public education system that will raise property taxes. Instead of focusing on partisan issues and tax cuts for the wealthy, we need to diagnose and solve the problems families are facing across this state, like lowering the cost of child care, increasing affordable housing options, expanding access to mental health care, and investing in measures to lower long-term energy costs. 

Dr. Sherman has never supported or voted for an income tax or sales tax and would veto one if it reached his desk.  


We need to build a thriving economy that works for all Granite Staters. Right now, far too many people are struggling to make ends meet with the high cost of child care, housing, and property taxes. 


Small businesses are at the heart of New Hampshire’s economy. As Governor, Dr. Sherman will support innovative programs that provide highly trained workers for our businesses and create an environment where our communities can thrive.

Public education in New Hampshire is under attack. This Governor and legislature sent millions of tax dollars to private and religious schools, which will almost certainly cause property taxes to rise and school budgets to tighten. This Governor also signed legislation that censors teachers and caters to those who want to ban books and change history.


Dr. Sherman has worked for development of  a comprehensive education platform from pre-k to the trades and higher education. As Governor, Dr. Sherman will fully support our public schools and invest in opportunities to train our students for the 21st century economy.

Rising energy costs are hurting many New Hampshire families as they struggle to fill up their tanks and heat their homes. New Hampshire must expand our investments in renewable energy sources and energy efficiency measures that will lower long-term costs, protect our climate, and create new jobs. 


The climate crisis is here. We must take aggressive action at the local, state, and federal level to protect against rising sea levels on the coast and the damaging impacts to our winter tourism activities.


In the State Senate, Dr. Sherman propelled the state forward as a national leader on issues of contamination of drinking water, setting some of the toughest standards in the country.  

Dr. Sherman supports a full range of reproductive health care services. As Governor, Dr. Sherman will be a fierce advocate for repealing Chris Sununu’s cruel abortion ban, which broke with decades of bipartisan respect for a women’s rights to work with her doctor to make her own health care decisions. 

The opioid crisis continues to devastate our communities after six years of Governor Sununu. Dr. Sherman is committed to ensuring the availability of intake, treatment, and recovery services for substance use disorder. In the State Senate, Dr. Sherman led the efforts to increase access to telemedicine and was a lead negotiator for the bipartisan medicaid expansion legislation that was a critical tool to expanding medical coverage to those suffering from substance use disorder.

New Hampshire is in the midst of a housing crisis. Rental vacancy rates are under 1%, housing supply is at an all-time low, and prices are at an all-time high. Businesses can’t find workers because workers can’t find a place to live, seniors looking to downsize can’t afford to stay in their communities, and young families can’t afford to put down roots in the community. We need to cut through the red tape and government bureaucracy that stops smart growth, support zoning that makes sense for the modern economy, and invest in infrastructure like regional water and sewer that allows our communities to build housing.

In the early phase of COVID, Dr. Sherman was asked to serve as Chief Medical Officer for the COVID Policy Alliance, an all-volunteer organization of MIT professors formed in an effort to combat the spread and impact of the virus. As a result of this collaboration, Dr. Sherman facilitated the delivery of shipments of PPE to New Hampshire and co-founded the COVID Policy Alliance Senior Support Team which connected senior residential facilities throughout NH to critical resources. 


Dr. Sherman also served on the Select Committee on 2020 Emergency Election Support to make recommendations on how to best allocate NH’s $3.2 million CARES Act funding to ensure the safety of our elections during the pandemic. The Committee made unanimous, bi-partisan recommendations to the Secretary of State. Dr. Sherman negotiated and sponsored the amendment to HB 1266, signed into law by Governor Sununu.


Dr. Sherman also served as the Public Health Advisor for the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce in their work to safely accommodate visitors to Hampton Beach. He sponsored weekly meetings of his district towns to facilitate communication and coordination with each other and with appropriate state and regional agencies. He also assisted the school board at Portsmouth High School in their work to safely resume athletic programming.


As we move forward to the next phase of COVID-19, it is essential to continue to have Dr. Sherman’s expertise and experience to understand the health care and public health implications of the virus.