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Top 5 Free Parental Control Apps to Use in 2024 (Updated)

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Nowadays, there’s a trend of people looking for free spy apps for parents. As you may notice, the internet can be a very fun place. There we can learn new things by taking online classes, communicating with others through meeting platforms, and socializing on social media.

However, remember that there isn’t a perfectly secure place, especially for something as free as the internet. The kids become more used to their devices now. Who knows what they have accessed on the internet?

With the concerning number of cyberbullying, adult content, and terrible side effects of social media there are, parents are left worried about their kids’ safety. But no need to worry because the parental control apps will save the day.

In this article, we want to briefly explain the 5 free parental control apps you can use to protect kids in 2024. We will keep this content updated, so stay tuned!

Is There a Completely Free Parental Control App?

We understand that there’s confusion in the community. We often meet someone who asks, “What is the best free app to track your child’s phone?” While it sounds interesting, such a thing unfortunately doesn’t exist.

Most parental control apps that promise free stuff without requiring users to do anything are likely scammy platforms that will only show you a huge load of ads. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Although we couldn’t obtain the services for free, we can at least benefit from the available free trials or Demos to get the initial experience.

Parents can also try the affordable parental apps as well, which cost them a little for greater protection.

Although we couldn’t tell you about the free parental control app for Android, we will walk you through some of the affordable parental control apps that are worth trying so you can better protect your kids using the available premium and advanced features.

What Is The Best Free App to Track Your Child’s Phone?

If you’re looking for a great alternative to free parental control, Parentaler can be a solid option. This tool can be a solution for parents who wish to know what their kids are about on their phones. Kids love to keep secrets from their parents, especially when it comes to internet access.

To ensure that the kids won’t open scammy or adult websites, parents can use Parentaler to limit access. This tool also has several other features, which we will explain in the latter section.

Top 5 Free Parental Control Apps for iPhone and Android

To avoid becoming too overwhelmed after seeing too many app choices, we want to recommend the 5 best free apps to block inappropriate websites.

1. Parentaler – A full-featured monitoring app

2. Norton Family – Complete family protection under one app

3. Eyezy – Solid support for all devices

4. mSpy – A comprehensive parental control app

5. Bark – Simple and functional kids’ protection tool

Comparison Table of The Best Parental Control Apps [free]

To give you a short glimpse over what tools we are going to explain today, check the master table below:

NameCompatibilityMoney Back GuaranteeLink
1. ParentalerAndroid (4.0 and up),
iPhone (up to the latest)
Yes (14 days)🌐
2. Norton FamilyAndroid,
iPhone (11+),
Yes (60 days)🌐
3. EyezyAndroid (4.0 and above),
iPhone (7.x and above for non-jailbreak)
Yes (14 days)
4. mSpyAndroid,
iPhone (11+),
Yes (14 days)🌐
5. BarkAndroid,
and Fire Tablets.
Yes (30 days)🌐

Top 5 Free Apps to Monitor Child’s Phones Described

In this section, we will briefly explain each free parental control app for iPhone and Android. We will mention their features, pros, and cons to help you form a better final decision. Without further ado, check the recommended apps to monitor kids’ phones below:

1. Parentaler – Best Pal for kids’ monitoring


Parentaler is an app that can be a great alternative to free monitoring apps for parents. Many users have considered this tool as it offers various useful features in its affordable plans.

Other than the basic monitoring features like call logs and message checking, users can also use the tool’s capability to monitor kids’ social media accounts. For parents who want to monitor their kids from afar, there’s a location tracking feature to know the kids’ whereabouts. The advanced GPS is proven to be effective in providing accurate results.


  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • UI is not confusing
  • Responsive customer support


  • Doesn’t offer a free trial
  • Doesn’t support desktop devices

2. Norton Family – Complete family protection under one app

Norton Family

The next alternative to the parental control software free that we want to recommend the most is Norton Family. Norton Family is a part of Norton, a famous security software that many people around the world probably use today.

This tool lets parents use the many kids’ protection features that are available after a plan is bought. You can easily protect up to 10 devices using the same account. The program also has a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is the longest we have on the list.

Additionally, Norton’s customer support is excellent at giving solutions to troubled clients. Although the tool may not be as comprehensive as the other parental control apps, it is still able to provide basic protection.


  • Easy installation
  • Multiple device protection
  • Has some security features worth trying


  • It may not offer comprehensive parental control features
  • Pricey plans

3. Eyezy – Solid support for all devices


If you wish to find a free app to see a child’s text messages, EyeZy may be an excellent alternative. It’s another great parental control app that we want to recommend as it packs a lot of useful features you can use daily.

For example, users can use the basic monitoring features to check messages, call logs, and chats on messaging apps. Additionally, EyeZy also has a feature to note appointments. This will help the parents to schedule their kids’ activities and remind them about upcoming events.

Checking browser history is also possible with Eyezy. With a simple installation, enjoy all the available features without hassle.


  • Great list of features
  • Easy to use
  • Trigger alerts function is available


  • No free trial
  • Expensive plans

4. mSpy – A comprehensive parental control app


If you wish to get a parental control app for free, an excellent alternative is mSpy. Many consider this tool one of the best parental control apps, as it has tons of features to ensure your kids’ safety both offline and online.

The basic protection features, such as message and call checkers, are here. Plus, mSpy has website whitelisting to limit access to certain websites. Therefore, kids are safe from consuming content flagged as adult.


  • Supports Android and iOS devices
  • Comprehensive monitoring and controlling tools


  • The plans can be a bit pricey

5. Bark – Simple and functional kids’ protection tool


Up to 36% of mid and senior-high school students were victims of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is often uncontrollable as it may come from anyone and anywhere. If parents care about the kids’ mentality, they should protect them from the possible causes of cyberbullying.

One of the best methods to do that is to install a parental control app. We want to introduce Bark, a great parental app that may offer comprehensive digital protection. Bark can monitor calls, messages, and chats while also allowing parents to control screen time.

Website whitelisting is also available here and already included in its plans. There’s also an alert function so that if the kids type restricted words, the parents will know it.


  • The UI makes it easy to understand everything
  • Comprehensive protection tools


  • Lacking location-tracking features
  • Plans are expensive

How Can I Monitor My Child’s Phone without Them Knowing for Free

Many parents feel reluctant to use the parental control app. One possible reason is rumors mentioning that the apps can’t be deleted. Of course, a free parental control app that cannot be deleted is impossible to exist. Just like any app, they can be removed or clean from the device if the target doesn’t feel comfortable having it around.

Others would avoid them because of the high prices. That’s why we see a lot of searches for free apps to monitor a child’s phone. Although it’s hard to find a free tool that works, we can at least still enjoy the affordable plans offered by some parental control apps, including Parentaler.

If you’re asking, “Is there a completely free parental control app?” The answer will be a solid no. But you can always use Parentaler, which is affordable and packs a lot of useful monitoring features.

Installing Parentaler

To enjoy all the available tools, you have to install them properly. To get access, you will need to visit its official website. After clicking a button to join the program, you will have to answer several questions. This is essential to personalizing the app for the target phone.

Get the subscription and download the app on the target’s device. Make sure you have physical access to the target device. Otherwise, it won’t work.

After completing the download, follow the instructions on the screen to create an account and set up the devices.

We noticed someone was asking, “How can I monitor my child’s phone without them knowing for free?” Yes, Parentaler can be the answer. If the installation is correct, monitoring can be done remotely.


That concludes our article on the best alternatives to the parental control app for Android free. Hopefully, the explanation and the options will answer your questions. Seeing how advanced the information travels, what the kids would meet on the internet is really unexpected.Therefore, parents have to take proactive actions to ensure their kids are safe everywhere. Using a free parental control app may be a solution for giving adequate protection at an affordable price.

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