Best 7 Apps to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

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How many times have you thought about checking out someone’s stories discreetly?

Perhaps you wonder what your old flame is up to or how your best friend is doing. Your eyes are drawn to that purple icon on your Instagram app, and you can’t stop asking, “Should I view this or not?”

We’ve all been there. After all, over 500 million people use Instagram Stories to share their lives with the world every single day, so viewing them is a great way to keep up with all the latest news.

But, the fear of getting caught in social media stalking is enough to make you scroll away.

The person whose stories you’re checking out will likely see your name in the view list if you don’t use apps to view Instagram stories anonymously.

Yes, such tools DO exist!

We’ve done the job for you and tested the best Instagram story viewers, so you don’t have to. Let’s look at what’s out there for you!



First up on our list is MobiPast, an Instagram third-party viewer that’s quite popular among users as one of the most powerful social media monitoring tools. The app is super user-friendly, even though it is packed with features. 

To get MobiPast up and running, you first need to create an account and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you’re done, log into your account and select Instagram from the side menu. 

From here, you can access tons of valuable information about someone’s activity on Instagram, including their posts, DMs, followers, and, as we mentioned before, their stories. MobiPast presents the data in an easy-to-understand manner, so you can find the answers you’re looking for faster than swiping through someone’s Instagram stories.

All in all, MobiPast is called the “best anonymous IG live viewer” for good reason. It’s fast, easy to use and secure. This app can also be used as a monitoring tool for other social media networks, such as Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Tinder.

What You Can Do With MobiPast:

  • View stories without appearing in the view list 
  • See tagged people in the stories
  • Download stories (photos and videos) to your phone or PC
  • View hidden stories and story drafts
  • Access deleted and expired stories
  • Monitor direct messages and followers
  • Track live location on a map
Lets you view hidden stories and postsYou can’t monitor several Instagram accounts from a single dashboard
Available for Android phones, iPhones and iPads
Offers an intuitive web-based control panel
Totally secure and anonymous IG live viewer


mSpy instagram tracker

mSpy has been around since 2010, so you should have heard of it already as the best parental control tool. But what you might not know is that it also allows users to view an  Instagram story without opening it. How is this possible? Well, mSpy records all activities on the target Instagram account – from stories to photos – and sends the data to your online dashboard.

So, if you want to take a sneak peek into your target’s life on Instagram, it’s pretty easy with mSpy. Just log into your online dashboard from anywhere and see all the stories, photos, and videos they have posted. You can even download stories if you want to keep them forever. 

Another great feature of mSpy is the automatic screen recorder. Whenever your target posts stories or texts someone, mSpy takes a screenshot of the entire screen and saves it to your online dashboard. The screen recorder comes in handy when you want to view hidden or deleted stories, conversations, and photos.

What You Can Do With mSpy:

  • View someone’s Instagram story secretly
  • Download photos and videos they’ve posted
  • Read private and group chats
  • Track likes, comments, and followers
  • Capture screenshots of posts, stories, and chats
Intuitive and simple interfaceNot available for Windows phones
You can sort and filter Instagram Stories by date, type of content, and more
Gives you access to deleted stories, conversations, and photos
Offers automatic screen recording



If you’re wondering how to view hidden stories on Instagram of all of your friends, check out BlindStory. It perfectly does its job. BlindStory is unique because it connects to your Instagram account and displays your friend’s stories in a convenient side panel. The app looks much like Instagram, including a minimal interface with options to view and download stories.

The main difference between BlindStory and the official Instagram apps is that BlindStory allows you to view Instagram Story without seen. Your friends and followers will never know you’ve watched their stories.

If you’ve got some favorite users and want to automatically download their stories, BlindStory has got you covered with a feature called Story Magnet. How does it work? If you mark an account as Favorite, the app will show you their stories in the Favorite section. You can view and download them from there.

What You Can Do With BlindStory:

  • View stories of your followers and friends anonymously
  • Watch highlights anonymously
  • Download Instagram Stories
  • Search any public account to view their Stories
  • Repost Instagram stories
Lets you see profile images and Stories in high definitionSometimes it can be glitchy
You can add users to Favorites sectionThe free version offers a limited number of Stories you can view per day
Available on the App Store and Google Play
Lets you watch highlights



Phonsee is yet another amazing private Instagram story viewer app. As the name suggests, it lets you SEE what’s happening in someone’s profile anonymously. This way, you can discreetly keep up with the latest news that Instagram users are sharing online. 

What makes Phonsee stand out is that it goes beyond recording public stories. It can also record private stories and posts without alerting anyone else who is watching it. 

This app is also incredibly easy to use. Once you’ve set it up by following the instructions on the official website, you can simply open any browser, log into your account, and see hidden stories on Instagram. Yes, it’s that simple. With Phonsee, you don’t need to install any software on your PC or smartphone.

In addition to Instagram Stories and Highlights, Phonsee lets you view posts and friend lists. You can also save stories you like and search for specific people they’ve added or interacted with.

What You Can Do With Phonsee:

  • View Stories and Highlights, even if your target account is private
  • Read direct messages, including deleted ones
  • View media files they share through DMs.
  • Read comments and captions
  • View friend lists
One of the most affordable tools you can choose to view an Instagram story without opening itThe interface is a bit outdated
Offers a 14-day money-back guaranteeThe free demo version is not interactive
Recovers deleted content, including stories, posts, and messages
Compatible with all major operating systems



Eyezy has gained popularity thanks to its unique feature – Social Spotlight.  Basically, the tool allows you to watch stories and highlights of your target Instagram account outside the app. So, if you wonder how to look at someone Instagram story without them knowing, this is a great tool for that.

Moreover, Eyezy’s Social Spotlight feature is also useful for analyzing profile activity.

For instance, let’s say they text somebody more often than usual. You see some users on the top of their “sent messages” list. With Eyezy, you can identify those people and see their profiles. 

Another great thing about Eyezy is the Screen Recorder. Just like mSpy, it takes screenshots of the phone screen in real time. How to watch someone’s Instagram story without them knowing using a screen recorder? If your target deletes a post, reel, or story, Eyezy will capture and save it to your account.

What You Can Do With Eyezy:

  • Access any Instagram account and view all posts, stories, locations, and messages.
  • Analyze user profiles for new activity and identify people they are interacting with.
  • Take screenshots of the phone screen in real time so you don’t miss anything, even if it’s deleted.
Lets you view stories, highlights, reels, and posts anonymouslyShort-term plans are more expensive than long-term plans
Offers advanced tools for social media monitoringCan slow down old devices
Analyzes user behavior to generate comprehensive reports
Compatible with Android and iOS devices

Story Saver


If you keep asking yourself: “How to see a Instagram story without opening it?” Story Saver is the answer. It does what its name implies: it lets you save any stories or highlights from any Instagram profile without them knowing. But there’s more! You can also use it as an alternative to the standard Instagram app and view your feed.

Apart from downloading Instagram stories, Story Saver enables you to save photos and videos of the accounts you are following for free. Note that the free version has ads that pop up when you download stories.

For those whose Instagram presence is more than just a hobby, Story Saver offers some great features, such as caption editing. With this tool, you can copy captions and hashtags from other posts and paste them into your own. 

What You Can Do With Story Saver:

  • Download stories, posts, and reels from any Instagram account
  • Search for posts and stories by username or hashtag
  • View highlights and download all of them at once
  • Copy hashtags from other posts
  • Use Story Saver as an alternative to the official Instagram app
You can view someone’s Instagram story secretly without paying a dimeThe free version has ads
Simple and intuitive interfaceDoesn’t work with iPhones and iPads
Offers Search feature for quick information retrieval



Spynger rounds up our list of the best Instagram story saver apps. Not so long ago, it was just an ordinary monitoring app. Now, Spynger has added a new feature that allows you to save stories and posts from any account – even those you don’t follow.

So, how to see someone’s Instagram story without them knowing? Spynger offers a simple solution. It works like a website, where you can create an account, log in, and view the target account’s stories and posts. It also allows you to save these stories to your device without limits or restrictions.

The cherry on top? Spynger works with all platforms that support the Stories format feature. For instance, you can save stories from Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram with just a few clicks.

What You Can Do With Spynger:

  • View stories posted by any account – even those you don’t follow.
  • Save stories and posts to your device with a single click.
  • See what others are posting on Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram without them knowing you’re watching.
100% AnonymousDoesn’t offer a free trial
Supports most social media platforms with the Stories formatDemo is unavailable
Lets you download photos and videos


Сan you watch someone’s story without them knowing?

Absolutely. There are several ways to go about it. You can either use websites or third-party apps.

How to watch IG live anonymously?

Use an app that records the live stream from Instagram, like Spynger. You can use it to record any Stories or Lives without anyone knowing you’re watching. 

If someone hides their story on Instagram, can you see their highlights?

Yes, because the highlights feature is public. However, if they’ve blocked you or enabled “Private Account” settings, you won’t be able to see them.


So, there you have it — all the tools you need to learn how to secretly view someone’s Instagram story. They’re all feature-rich and easy to use, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect method for your needs. Simply read through our top suggestions and choose the tool that works best for you. Staying on top of Instagram trends has never been so easy!

Want to see how it works right now? Check the demo of MobiPast – it’s free!

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