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Moniterro Review – One of the Top Monitoring Apps in 2024!

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The internet is a wonderful place. People can search for basically anything there, whether they want to look for something related to work or simply entertainment. Seeing how fun it is, it’s understandable that the internet can attract a few people in, including children. According to a survey conducted in 2023, 50% of kids between 15-17 years old have consistently used the internet in their daily activities.

Although it may sound okay at first, we still need to realize that the internet is not a completely safe place. There are so many risks related to internet usage, including the existing online predators, cyberbullying, and the spread of scams.

Seeing how dare the situation is, parents can search for a solution to keep their kids safe online, and it’s none other than the monitoring app. In this article, we’ll explain about Moniterro app, one of the top monitoring apps in the market. Without further ado, check the complete information about Moniterro below:

What is Moniterro?


Before we go into the Moniterro review, let us briefly explain about the app itself. Moniterro is one of the top solutions for those who are searching for a dependable phone monitoring app. The reason why it’s popular is how many features it has to provide the users with abilities to not only monitor but also search for any information that they need within the target phone.

Tracking phones can be done remotely, as long as you properly install the app both on your device and the target phone. Any information obtained through Moniterro is confidential, so there will be no one who can know it but you.

Moniterro Features

According to various Moniterro reviews, people love using the app for the features it has. And talking about the features, Moniterro can provide a long list of tools you can have at your disposal. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Phone Control

Before we talk about how to use Moniterro, it would be better if you could be more familiar with this parental control feature. This feature is mandatory in any monitoring app, and Moniterro can provide just about anything you ever need, including the ability to read messages, photos, and videos.

Other than that, you can also use the keylogger, which is beneficial in knowing about the secret credentials you can use later on. The monitoring feature supports both Android and iOS devices.

App Control

So how does Moniterro work? As you may expect from a monitoring app, Moniterro works by using the features and tools available to gain access over the target phone. Aside from the phone control, there’s also the app control that you can use to control the browser, screen record, and block websites.

In short, app control covers the useful functions to limit browser usage as well as knowing about everything inside it, including bookmarks and browsing history.

Read Messengers

This feature has several tools you can use to check all the messages, whether it’s the usual text messages or chats in social media. You can freely check the messages in WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Line, Skype, Hangouts, HIK, and iMessage.

Social Media Monitoring

The next one is also no less useful. With social media monitoring capability, you can freely check the target’s social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

With 5.04 billion social media users out there, parents can use Moniterro as a tool to protect their kids from cyberbullies and online predators. As long as you do the installation properly, you may have a way to slip into their social media accounts without being detected.

How to Install Moniterro

Now let us talk about how to install Moniterro. This monitoring app is generally so easy to install, both for Android and iPhone. However, we want to inform you about the necessary steps to install Moniterro in both operating systems. See the more complete information below:

Moniterro Android Installation

In order to properly install Moniterro on Android, follow the steps below:

  1. First, go to Settings and then access Security
  2. Make sure to enable installation from unknown sources by enabling the slider
  3. When a warning prompt appears, select Okay
  4. On the target device, open the official Moniterro website
  5. Find the Download tab, and select Download
  6. Select Get Started button
  7. Once the file is downloaded, click the file to start the installation
  8. Follow the instructions carefully until the process is complete
  9. After the installation is done, open the Moniterro app
  10. Grant all access permissions
  11. Select Continue, and now you can access the target device remotely.

Moniterro iPhone Installation

The installation might be different from the above instructions as there are a few additional things that need to be done. The steps are:

  1. Visit Moniterro’s official website, and create a new account
  2. Get the subscription plan, and complete the whole registration process
  3. Check your email for login credentials
  4. Log in using your username and password
  5. Access the Control Panel of Moniterro, this is where you can access everything
  6. Select iPhone as the target device
  7. Make sure to obtain the iCloud details of the target phone
  8. Go back to the Control Panel, and put down the iCloud credentials
  9. When the linking process is complete (which could take around 5 minutes), now you can monitor the iPhone on the go through the Control Panel.

Moniterro Pricing

Moniterro pricing

As for the Moniterro price, it’s not anywhere expensive. Users are free to choose the monthly, quarterly, or annual plans. Here’s the complete detail of them including the price:

  • 1-Month subscription: $46.62 per month
  • 3-Months subscription: $27.19 per month
  • 1-Year subscription: $ 9.71 per month

Moniterro Compatibility

Moniterro compatibility

Moniterro supports all Android versions and OS starting from 4+. Before you start trying the app, we highly recommend using the compatibility checker to know whether your phone is supported or not.

Moniterro Pros & Cons

After we’ve done talking about Moniterro features, we also want to mention its pros and cons. See the table below:

Comprehensive monitoring features, which give users more in-depth insights into the target deviceUser-friendly UI, the control panel is easy to accessTracking in real-time to provide more accurate informationAffordableThe app still requires users to have physical access to the target device


For those who are still confused about the app, hopefully, these answers could help to solve it:

How does Moniterro work?

Moniterro works by monitoring the target device by manually installing the app from the inside. So in order to enjoy all the features, users will need to get their hands on the target device to get the necessary credentials and install the app.

Is Moniterro safe to use?

Yes, Moniterro is highly recommended as it can also guarantee safety for all users. With the features Moniterro can offer, users can monitor their target devices with a low risk of getting caught.

Is Moniterro completely hidden?

As this app is also complete with Stealth Mode, the users can highly depend on it to monitor someone in secret.


And that concludes our reviews of Moniterro, one of the top monitoring apps we highly recommend. Seeing how beneficial it can be, thanks to its features, users may depend on it for various monitoring purposes.

The pricing is affordable as well, so it’s not too intimidating for first-time users. So for any monitoring needs, Moniterro is the one to use.

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