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Best 6 Internet Activity Trackers

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The prevalence of cyberbullying among adolescents and teens is a sobering reality of the digital age. Studies indicate that over 50% of young people have experienced cyberbullying.

Keeping tabs on online activities has become increasingly important, whether for parental monitoring, employee oversight, or personal security. In this article, you’ll find six leading web activity trackers to help you make an informed decision.

Is it Possible to Access Someone’s Search History?

Yes, you can access your target device’s browsing history using the internet activity trackers. Several spy apps allow tracking websites visited on a cell phone with timestamps, even in incognito mode.

Best 6 Internet History Trackers

  1. mSpy – best overall web activity tracker with detailed reports in real-time.
  2. Phonsee – Best internet activity tracker for parents with advanced features for complete control over kids.
  3. ClaveGuard – available both for phone and desktop, with custom keyword alerts and filtered websites.
  4. Eyezy – A budget-friendly combination of browsing and social media monitoring.
  5. FlexiSPY – comprehensive browser tracking along with the best GPS for real-time locations.
  6. Spynger – Best partner spying app for browsers, along with applications tracking and the ability to see deleted messages.

Undetectable Screen Recorders Comparison Table

NameCompatibilityBrowser tracking Included in the Basic PlanPricing (Basic monthly plan)Link
mSpyiOS & AndroidYes$48.99/month🌐
PhonseeiOS & AndroidYes$42.51/month🌐
ClaveGuardiOS, Android, Mac, WindowsYes$39.99/month🌐
EyezyiOS & AndroidYes$ 47.99/month🌐
FlexiSPYiOS, Android, PC, MacYes$49.95/month🌐

Best 6 Web Activity Trackers Reviewed

Several spying apps let you check what sites have been visited, so how do you choose the best one? Here are in-detail reviews of the top 6 internet activity trackers to ease your decision.


mspy history tracker

mSpy is a top choice for parents and caregivers seeking to monitor smartphone activity. It allows tracking of web browsing history, calls, messages, emails, and social media accounts. Once installed, it operates discreetly on both Android and iPhone.

The screen recorder feature captures real-time device activity, including internet browsing, even in incognito mode. Additionally, users can block undesirable applications and websites, with access to detailed reports of accessed websites.

mSpy’s keylogger software records all device keystrokes, allowing users to set custom keywords for notifications, such as “drugs” or “porn”; you can also check what apps they’ve installed on their phone.


  • Simple setup process and user-friendly interface
  • Stealth mode ensures discreet monitoring
  • Advanced keylogger captures detailed device activity
  • Excellent customer service
  • Remote installation is possible using iCloud


  • Jailbreaking required to use Keylogger feature
  • Lack of URL filtering for website blocking
  • Subscription plans are costly



Relatively new in the spying app world, but has come up with some advanced tracking features that have surpassed many. Phonsee goes beyond basic monitoring by offering app-blocking capabilities, allowing parents to restrict access to unsuitable apps.

Additionally, you can set up usage restrictions, such as limiting phone use during school hours. The general monitoring features like call logs, text messages, social media activity, and people’s search history, along with a hidden screen recorder and keylogger, are also present.

Plus, what makes it popular in such a short span is its straightforward interface. From installation to setting up and monitoring internet history, the whole process is a breeze.


  • Easy and fast set-up process
  • Works on encrypted apps
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Remote Access


  • No call recording
  • No keyword alerts



Another great web activity tracking app that lets you follow your hunches in incognito mode. Alongside tracking visited websites, ClevGuard provides custom keyword alerts to notify you of any inappropriate searches. Additionally, its screen recorder and screenshot features offer real-time, undetected insight into online activity.

Rarely seen, ClevGuard also allows call recording and live streaming of the device’s surroundings. Furthermore, it offers standard features like social media monitoring, GPS tracking, and access to media files.

And guess what? You can use all these advanced features for free for up to a whole month. With a free demo and a risk-free month-long trial, it’s a popular choice for parental control, boasting over 400,000 users.


  • Incredibly potent, yet user-friendly.
  • Receive alerts for unsuitable searches.
  • Completely concealed on the device.


  • Consumes considerable battery



If you are looking for a powerful combination of web and social media tracking, Eyezy is a great choice. From tracking visited websites to social media pages, it equips users with the tools needed to ensure online safety for loved ones.

With Eyezy, users can view bookmarked websites and filter out controversial domains. Besides, you can utilize an advanced keystroke logger to record all typed content on the target device.

Additionally, the screen recorder feature captures screenshots when specific applications are opened. The keylogger offers a comprehensive overview of all online interactions, including social media activity on platforms like Facebook Messenger. Eyezy also allows users to view and block unsafe or inappropriate applications, providing enhanced control over digital experiences.


  • Application usage alerts
  • Feature-rich web monitoring
  • Detailed internet activity reports
  • Affordable plans


  • Require jailbreaking to enjoy all features
  • No call recording feature



FlexiSPY allows users to track all websites visited by a target mobile device, even when the browser is in incognito or private browsing mode.

With FlexiSPY’s remote control capabilities, users can access and manage the target device from a remote location. This includes accessing files, taking screenshots, and remotely locking or unlocking the device.

And of course, general monitoring capabilities, such as call/text recording, social media tracking, and location tracking are also available.


  • Capture audio and video directly from the device
  • Purchase devices with the application pre-installed
  • An advanced-level GPS tracker


  • Jailbreak needed to unlock certain features on Android
  • Expensive, especially the features in higher tiers



Another great internet history tracker with comprehensive monitoring features. It’s most popular among people who are suspicious of their partners. With Spynger, you can go beyond simply monitoring your spouse’s internet searches.

Similar to others, Spynger allows you to see all visited websites with timestamps. Additionally, it covers activity across 16 social media platforms like WhatsApp, Viber, and Tinder.

You’ll have access to deleted messages and sent/received media files, thanks to the keylogger and secret screen recorder, revealing any suspicious activities.

Another notable feature is the GPS location tracker with geofencing, providing precise location details and alerts if someone exits a specified area.


  • Allows for remote capture of screenshots.
  • Compatible across multiple platforms.


  • Drains battery faster
  • Expensive pricing plans

How to View Someone’s Browsing History from a Different Phone?

You can easily view the browsing history from a remote phone by following the installation guides. For instance, here is the installation process of mSpy:

  • Purchase mSpy Subscription: Create an account, select a device type, choose a subscription package, and finalize the purchase.
  • Disable Play Protect: Access Play Store, disable “Scan apps with Play Protect” in settings.
  • Download mSpy Installer: Use Google Chrome, paste the provided link, and download the installer.
  • Install mSpy: Grant necessary permissions, enter the Registration Code, and complete installation.
  • Start Monitoring: Access Control Panel, monitors calls, websites, and social media activities.

Final Words

Here are the top 6 apps for tracking internet activity to keep tabs on your loved ones and employees. Choose a tracker that best suits your preferences, and take proactive steps.

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