How to Read Someone’s Facebook Messages Without Knowing Their Password?

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It’s a common perception that hacking someone’s Facebook to see their messages require in-depth software knowledge and advanced coding capabilities. However, the truth is you don’t need to be a tech whiz to sneak into someone’s Facebook.

In this article, we’ll try to explain some simple ways by which you’ll be able to get into someone else’s Facebook account.

Is It Right to Spy on Someone’s Facebook Without Them Knowing?

Reading private conversations of people isn’t morally right. However, it can be justified in the following cases:

  • You are a parent who wants to keep track of your kids’ social activities to ensure they are not heading in the wrong direction.
  • You want to know if your spouse has been cheating on you.
  • You are an employer and want to check if your employees have breached the company’s law by leaking some sensitive info.  

Best Ways to Break into Someone’s Facebook Messages Without Knowing Their Password

These are some of the ways by which you can see someone’s Facebook messages without their consent.

Use Keylogger to Get into Someone Else’s Facebook


Keylogging includes recording the keystrokes (the keys pressed to type something) on someone else’s keyboard. It is the easiest way to steal the credentials of any person. The method can work best for you if you are a mother, father, wife, husband, or someone who has access to the victim’s devices.

Keylogging can be done in two ways:

a. Hardware Keylogging

Hardware keylogging is done by a USB-like device that you have to insert between the cable that connects the keyboard to the PC screen. The device will save everything the victim types in a text file in its internal memory. You can retrieve the file after removing the keylogging device.

For laptops, you have to insert a laptop-specific keylogging device into the PCI slot. From there, you can wirelessly get the words the victim had written using their keyboard.

b. Software Keylogging

There are keylogging apps that you can install on the victim’s device to track their keyboard activity. These apps can send you the recorded data wirelessly.


Keylogging has some limitations due to which people often need to resort to other procedures. The limitations are listed here:

  • You must have access to the victim’s device to install a keylogging tool or software into it.
  • If the victim has done two-step verification. They may get an email when you log in to their Facebook account instead of the authorized device.
  • Sometimes data in the text file created by keylogging becomes really confusing and misleading.

Use Phishing to Log into Someone Else’s Facebook Account


This method requires you to be a little tech-savvy. In phishing, you trick the victim into believing that you belong to some legitimate organization; by posing like a platform that the victim trusts, you can make them reveal their usernames and passwords. Phishing can help you when you want to get into someone else’s Facebook from a remote location.


  • Like keylogging, if the victim has done two-step verification, they will get notified that their account has been opened by some unauthorized device.
  • The procedure requires you to have some intermediate level knowledge about HTML and PHP programming.
  • A shrewder victim can identify that the web page is fake by carefully looking at the URL.

Use mSpy to See Someone’s Facebook Messages

mspy for facebook

Using a spying app like mSpy is the best option while considering how to log into someone else’s Facebook without them knowing.

How Can mSpy Help You?

mSpy can help you to:

  • Track all received, sent, and deleted text messages on Facebook.
  • Monitor user activity on other social media platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.
  • Spy on GPS location, browsing histories, keylogger tracking, and installed apps.

How Does mSpy Work?

In order to track someone’s Facebook activity, you have to purchase mSpy and install it on their Apple or Android phone. You might need access to the victim’s device to install the app unless you have their Apple ID credentials that allow users also to install the app remotely.

Once you are successful in installing the app, it will track the target device’s activity and upload it on your user dashboard that you can access from anywhere.

Why Is mSpy the Best Way to See Someone’s Facebook Messages?

The fact that makes mSpy the best platform for spying on someone’s Facebook is that the victim can never know the presence of this app on their device. The app will leave no logos, icons, or notifications to make its presence sensed. So, you don’t have to worry about the fear of being caught if you are using mSpy for the purpose.

Moreover, there is no need for any programming or computer skills to implement this approach. You just need to purchase the app and install it on the target device. You can even get remote assistance from the mSpy support team in the installation process.

Moreover, you can also have a free 7-day trial period so that you can check the app’s effectiveness. mSpy’s dashboard is very user-friendly, and you can easily use it without any technical expertise. Just install the app, and you’ll see how easy it’s to use.

Are There Any Alternatives to mSpy?


eyezy app

If you are looking for a monitoring app that can spy on someone’s facebook without them knowing, then eyeZy is the perfect solution for you. This innovative app allows you to track all of your facebook activity without ever having to leave your own account. You can see what posts and comments your friends are making, as well as who they are talking to and what they are saying. This is an invaluable tool for parents who want to keep an eye on their children’s facebook activity, as well as for businesses who need to monitor employee facebook use.

With eyeZy, you can see everything that is happening on your child’s or employees’ facebook account without them ever knowing. This app is completely undetectable, so you can rest assured that your children or employees will never know that you are monitoring their facebook activity.



Phonsee app emerges as a viable alternative to mspy, offering a comprehensive range of monitoring features while promoting ethical usage. Functionally similar to mspy, Phonsee allows users to track various aspects of a target device, including call logs, text messages, location, and browsing history. However, Phonsee takes a distinct stance by emphasizing responsible and legal usage, discouraging any unethical or invasive activities.

Much like its counterpart, Phonsee permits concerned parents and guardians to keep a watchful eye on their children’s online activities, ensuring their safety in the digital realm.


It isn’t a big deal to log into someone else’s Facebook account. While there are three common methods to do that, using mSpy is the safest, quickest, and easiest of all. Though you need to spend money to purchase the app, its brilliant features make it worth every penny.

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