How to Find Out If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating and What to Do If You Confirm Your Suspicion?

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Is she cheating on me? Signs in her behavior prompt you to catch a cheating girlfriend. It’s hard to be locked into the fears that your partner is cheating on you. But when such ideas are floating around in your head, it’s only natural to seek closure, even if it means using uncanny tools like spy apps, especially if she isn’t forthcoming and is downright cunning.

If you’ve clearly noticed disturbing characteristics of a cheating woman in your girlfriend, you will avail from monitoring and spy tools no matter your level of expertise. You just have to worry about how to best handle the information you elicit in a well-balanced manner. In this piece, we’ll show you how you can catch your girlfriend cheating in a jiffy with high tech apps that can sit well in your pockets and give you turn-key access to all the information you need about her.

But first, let’s establish why you need to spy on her. You see, the very feeling of suspicion is exasperating, and you need to ensure that it isn’t all a false alarm, and you have good reasons to invest your thoughts and energy into it. So, how to tell if your girlfriend has cheated on you Justinking blog can help to find out the truth.

Warning Characteristics of a Cheating Girlfriend

If your suspicion all turns out to be a storm in a teacup, you might look like an over-possessive savage and damage your image permanently. But if your girlfriend is exhibiting any or a combination of the following characteristics, it might be worth probing for more signs of cheating after all.

She Seems Distracted

Come again? Does she seem to jet off in her mind leaving you hanging right in the middle of a conversation? Maybe other things are catching her fancy, and you’re actually distracting her with your drudgery.

If your girlfriend is suddenly losing interest in the things she loved sharing with you, it might be a sign you’re losing her to another man.

She Is Dressing Differently

Is she more energetic and radiant with the new look she’s been sporting lately? She probably did something similar when she first met you, you know? While you might hope for the best that it’s all a passing fad, you might want to look around to ensure there’s really no fire behind the smokescreen.

She Doesn’t Invite You Out With Her Friends

So now she thinks you’re a bit too old-fashioned to hang out with her squeaky new friends? It’s fine if she doesn’t want to turn you into a handbag she carries with her everywhere, but it’s generally a bad sign if she is courting the idea of excluding you from her inner circles.

She Spends Too Much Time With Men Friends

Or even worse, she excludes you from her meetings with male friends. Or it might seem like she’s caught up in a world of male friends in her line of work.

You need to handle the situation with tact and uttermost care. You can try expressing your concern about her male friends in a light, affable manner. If she doesn’t try to assuage your natural jealousy in a situation like this but instead inflames you or tries to make you get used to it, you need to keep a close eye on her.

She Starts Talking About the Future in a Different Way

Suppose she begins to drift away from you and your relationship in her future plans, focusing more on what she wants for herself. In that case, it’s not your relationship that’s spurring her future wishes. If she’s that nonchalant about your place in her future, then she’s probably as indifferent to you in the present as well.

She Pays a Lot of Attention to Her Phone

Is there something unrelated to work or some new piece of entertainment that’s musing her all day on her phone? You need to ensure that her newfound passion for screen time isn’t fuelled by a shiny new relationship she’s hiding from you. Here’s what you need to look out for on her phone.


Try listening in on her phone conversations, especially those she likes leaving to answer in a different room.

Text Messages

If she now has fast fingers on her text messages, try checking to see who’s engaging her in higher gears. Top-notch spy apps give you stealth real-time access to your target’s text messages without any complex operational requirements.

Social Network

These are the most likely places where people turn to for cues when they wonder if their girlfriends are cheating on them.


You can use her phone to track her location and see where she goes when she leaves early for work and comes back late.

She’s Not Interested in Getting Physical Anymore 

Now she’s losing the strong physical attraction that drew you too before, and it might be a sign she’s losing interest in your relationship. You need to check to find out if someone else is slowly taking your place in her sexual life.

She’s Too Busy for You

Does she now think that other things like her work or hobbies are worth her time more than you? If she’s too preoccupied to have time for you now, she might just go on to abandon the relationship, so leaving a cheating girlfriend might be a bit easier for you if you move on with your life early enough.

She Won’t Accept Your Marriage Proposal

People turn down marriage proposals for many good reasons. But you shouldn’t take her word for it if she turns you down with excuses like career advancement, education, etc. You might want to look around to ensure you’re not second-best to someone else in her life.

She Is Talking About “Her” Future

If you’re two love birds, you engage each other in your forward-thinking. Is she now becoming more obsessed with her dreams and future ambitions that she only now says “I will” and no more “we will”?

You Have Caught Her Telling Lies

Once she begins to get the urge to keep things from you, it’s a bad sign; you shouldn’t trust her blindly. Don’t ignore those “white lies” every time she slips up. Who knows what else she’s probably keeping from you?

She Doesn’t Tell You Where She’s Going

So she no longer even bothers to inform you of her whereabouts out of sheer courtesy? It might be high time to activate a GPS tracker on her. If she genuinely understands your natural concern about her whereabouts and is always off for a good reason, she won’t have any problems informing you when she steps out.

She Gets Mad When You Ask Questions

She might be trying to set a combative tone in the house to deter you from probing her questionable behaviors.

She’s on Edge All the Time

If she’s recently become jittery and irritable, she might just be trying to push to break up with you and make way for another lover. She’s supposed to turn to your arms to escape from the stresses of life. But if your presence instead makes her uneasy, then you might want to deploy “Is she cheating?” apps or other investigative tools to make sure she’s not trying to ditch you for someone else.

So Many Cancelled Plans or Strange Plans

If she’s recently acquired the inconvenient habit of leaving you hanging after you’ve made plans together, you need to find out what’s been driving her to turn away from your relationship.

She Purchases an Incredible Number of New Outfits

It’s not her birthday or wedding anniversary, or any important event in her life that you know of, but something recently spurred her to go on a shopping spree. She’s probably been keeping her clothing expenses moderate until she went haywire with her recent shopping spree – probably to impress a new lover.

She Doesn’t Answer Certain Phone Calls When You Are Around

If someone’s been bothering her, and she doesn’t want to pick, perhaps on one of those occasions, she should let you answer the call and intervene if she’s not trying to hide anything from you. But if she doesn’t want you to help her turn away someone who’s supposedly bothering her, then the person might not actually be bothering her after all.

Your GF Spends Time With Her Ex 

Is she now becoming cozier with her ex? Don’t take it lightly – those two may just be making out behind your back. She might merely be missing what they had and isn’t willing to let go just yet. 

She Changes the Subject when a Particular Person Comes Up

Is she beginning to behave a bit offbeat around a particular individual? Does she always feel uncomfortable discussing certain subjects openly with you, especially in front of someone specific? You might want to look around to ensure they’re not nursing any compromising feelings for each other.

She’s Busy and Won’t Say Where She’s Been

So she now no longer cares much about spending time with you and doesn’t even bother giving you any reasonable explanation why? Don’t think she’ll be returning to her old self anytime soon if you sit by and watch her become more closed out.

She’s Always Working

Or maybe she’s deliberately trying to push you away by spending more time at her computer or with her clients. When she comes back home exasperated, she brushes you aside, disembarks and goes to bed, and then leaves early for work, giving you no time of the day, even on weekends.

True enough, she might be undergoing a tough time at work, a challenging project, or demanding clients. If so, she should jump at the opportunity to relieve her mind when you lend her a compassionate ear. However, an opposite reaction will mean that the real issue is different, and she has something to hide.

She Claims Her Friend Needs Her but Won’t Explain the Situation

Maybe now she’s co-opted her friend into her cheating plans. She often hops out, sometimes abruptly claiming a particular friend needs her help without bothering to explain what she’s really doing for them. And if you call up the friend to confirm, he/she might cover for her with ambiguous lies.

She’s Making All New Friends

Or perhaps she’s now becoming engrossed with new friends you’re not quite acquainted with yet. How do you know if your girlfriend is cheating with any of her new friends? The best answers can be found in the next sections.

She’s Constantly Distracted

Whatever she does or says, her thoughts seem to be elsewhere. Her tone of voice may be indifferent. Have you noticed her smiling slightly to herself and looking at her phone when she thinks you are not looking? She may even deny later what she said in such a state.

She’s Become Obsessed With Her Privacy

Now, she’s probably afraid that you may find out something compromising if you go through any of her stuff. Perhaps now she’s becoming more engrossed in the new relationship, and she’s afraid she might leave some cues behind and wants to eliminate that possibility by keeping you at arm’s length away from her phone, purse, drawer, and other personal effects.

She’s Suddenly Very Jealous and Suspicious

She might begin projecting herself in you unconsciously, believing you’re also trying to hide something from her just like she is. If you find her secretly going through your phone or asking more curious questions, she’s hiding something herself, and you probably need to investigate a cheating GF on the phone.

She’s Looking for Reasons to Complain/Fight

If she’s becoming irritated by things that never used to bother her before, and she knows you won’t apologize every time she does so, she might just be trying to pull your legs to see if she might be able to come up with a good reason to ditch you.

She Has Trouble Saying “I Love You”

She might now find it difficult to express her love for you verbally because love isn’t even there in the first place. If you hear her talking less and less about how much she loves and cares about you, it’s undoubtedly a red flag and a good reason to ask, is my girlfriend cheating?

She Doesn’t Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is a vital part of just about any relationship that demonstrates a deeper connection. When she begins seriously nursing the idea of replacing you, she might just begin to show it with strange behaviors like refusing to make eye contacts.

She Kisses You Without Any Passion

So she’s now kissing you with her eyes wide open and then jerking off before it begins to get intense. Try finding out why she’s closing out with tactful direct questions. But if she’s not giving you any reasonable excuse for her dispassionate kisses, then you might need to find out how to catch your girlfriend cheating on a cell phone.

She Doesn’t Want to Cuddle

Another sign that she’s planning to replace you with someone else is if she no longer feels as comfortable in your arms as she used to. Perhaps she’s now warming up in the arms of another man.

How to Catch Your Cheating Girlfriend?

Now that you’ve established some questionable signs, she might be cheating with you, how to find out if your girlfriend is cheating, and get the real evidence? Our suggestion is you should use the best spy apps to probe those suspicions. You can get a great KW up and running in a jiffy to track her phone activities, including text messages, calls, location data, etc. Read on to find out all you need to know about how to catch a cheating woman using a top-notch spy app as well as other effective techniques.

mSpy: The Best App to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend


If you’re considering how to expose your girlfriend with a spy app, you can’t go wrong with mSpy. mSpy is a high-tech app that feeds you with your girlfriend’s phone data in real-time. Once you have the app set up in a breeze, you’ll be able to access all her phone activities remotely anywhere, anytime. The app serves you from the background of the target phone, from where it transmits phone data to your dashboard without using up any significant amount of battery charge, storage space, or even data.

Here are some of the most important ways mSpy can help you properly investigate if she is cheating on you and confirm the signs.

Look at Her Calls

You can easily view records of her incoming and outgoing calls on your mSpy dashboard. You’ll find all the important details of the calls, like the caller/receiver’s contact details, the time and date stamps, and the call duration.

With the Premium subscription, you will even be able to block unwanted contacts. Her lover will be left wondering why he is disconnected every time after dialing her number.

Look at Her Text Messages

You’ll get easy remote access to your girlfriend text messages records, including the messages content, the contact details of the sender/receiver, and the time/date stamps.

She will remove any texts containing the details of her affair as soon as she reads them. But that should not trouble you: mSpy will capture even the deleted ones and highlight them in red on your Control Panel.

Look at Her Contact List

Check on the details of the people she’s been in contact with recently on your mSpy dashboard. You’ll also find details of the interactions she’s been having with each of these contacts to help you easily establish the type of relationship she’s keeping with each of them.

mSpy will provide you with the statistical report, giving you an immediate insight into their activity. If a contact you do not know has been repeatedly on the calls with her recently, you have found someone to investigate.

Look at Her Social Networks

If she’s cheating on you, she’s very likely to use social media to keep in touch with her secret lover. With mSpy, you can quickly check up on all her friends and groups on social media, read their dialogues, and see the files they exchanged.

Look at Her Location

One of the easiest ways to catch a cheating woman conclusively is by tracking her location secretly. Besides the GPS tracker, mSpy also provides you with a geofencing feature that alerts you the moment she steps out of a specific location like home or office in case she’s leaving for a suspicious place.

Look at Her Apps

With mSpy, you won’t have to struggle to gain physical access to her phone to check up on her apps. You can access all that remotely, especially her dating apps. Your mSpy dashboard will provide you with comprehensive records of her app activities, including the app pages she’s opened, the actions she performs on them, and the files she uploads or downloads on them.

Look at Her Words With Keylogger

mSpy’s keylogger is one of the most surefire ways to catch a cheating girl. The feature provides you with records of every key she presses on her phone. mSpy keylogger’s records are also presented in a convenient layout so you can easily make sense of them. You can also use various filters provided with this functionality.

Look at Her Wi-Fi Networks

This might seem unimportant, but if you consider that she might be engaging in suspicious internet activities using internet connections that you’re unaware of, then it might just be worth it to check out her Wi-Fi networks. Is she consuming data ravenously on those other secret networks? Is she using those Wi-Fi networks to hold video calls or share videos and pictures with her secret lover? Or has she connected to the suspicious networks you do not recognize that have male names on them?

Look at Her Photos and Videos

mSpy also gives you unfettered access to her galleries and libraries. Rather than struggle to peek physically at her phone’s multimedia files, with mSpy, you can take all the time you want to scour through her phone’s local storage.

Ask Her Friends

While you might not expect her friends to give her away with ease, it’s never a bad idea to talk to them about your suspicions. If you’re discreet enough and ask well-thought-out questions, you might be able to elicit some cues that might draw you closer to the truth.

For instance, you might have a good reason to suspect her if her friends try covering for her, but then their lies do not tally with what she told you. If both she and her friends are giving you different stories about her whereabouts, they might all be in on some suspicious plans.

Perhaps you might be lucky enough to talk to her friend, who doesn’t support her indiscretions and sympathizes with you. You can ask them to help you keep an eye on her and let you know if they find anything suspicious. You can also try talking to her family members about it, like her mom or dad or brothers. They’re probably going to want the best for her and not support her in her flirtatious relationships that could ruin something more meaningful she’s having with you.

Come Home at Odd Times When You’d Usually Be Out

Try catching her off guard by reshuffling your schedule now and then. Try coming home earlier than usual or stopping by the house at odd times during working hours. Watch how she reacts when she sees you walking through the door. If she’s startled and testy, then she’s clearly uncomfortable with your presence at that time because it might compromise her cheating plans. But if she’s acting all normal and warm, she’s not bothered about your unexpected arrival.

You also need to be careful not to make her suspect you’re trying to keep tabs on her. Make sure you always give her a reasonable excuse for turning up surprisingly, so she doesn’t begin getting jittery because she is afraid you might be crossing the line.

Try to Find Out the Truth by Talking

Depending on the type of relationship you have with her, you might be able to sit down and talk things through with her. Without accusing her of anything, just try talking to her about the clues you’ve found that made you grow suspicious of her. Try asking her why she’s been kissing you dispassionately or why she’s been keeping more men friends recently.

If you’re a very mature couple who care about each other’s feelings and avoid keeping things from each other, you might just be able to gain closure. But if she throws a fit every time you try talking about your suspicions, that might be a clear sign. You need to start investigating a cheating woman.

Hire a Private Investigator

“I think she is cheating on me. Shall I hire a private detective?” You can find this question on numerous forums for men. The answer is: you can if you can afford it.

You can pay someone to dig around in the dirt for you if you don’t want to do the grunt work yourself. If you have a good amount of cash to spare, you can hire a private detective to collect all the important information you need about your girlfriend.

Using their high-tech spying tools and techniques, a private detective can go toe to toe with your girlfriend everywhere without giving her the slightest clue. It’ll be all the more comfortable for him to do his job if you provide him with additional information before he sets off, like her list of friends, the locations she frequents the most, etc.

It’ll probably take the detective a few days or a week at most to gather all the relevant intel and provide you with all the evidence you need to come to a sound conclusion about your suspicions.

What to Do If You Catch Your Girlfriend Cheating?

Catching her cheating, the first thing you would want to do is avoid making rash decisions, especially if you two have kids. You need to take out time to think about everything. Think about how your decisions will affect things moving forward. Consider if it’s worth saving the relationship or quitting. You also need to consider the things you could have probably done to avoid the debacle.

Try talking to a friend or any close person to relieve your anger and get the support you need. You can also seek out a relationship counselor to get professional advice.

If you believe it’s something you can talk her out of to save the relationship, and she’s also responsive, you can try giving the relationship one more try. But if she really isn’t concerned about your emotions and responds cold-heartedly, you need to walk away from the relationship before it gets worse.

Final Words

Dealing with suspicions of infidelity is never something to take lightly. However, the question, “Is my girlfriend cheating on me?” should not bother you. You have this guide on how to catch a cheating girlfriend. We’ve shown you most of the relevant signs of cheating you need to look out for. And if your girlfriend is exhibiting any individual signs or a combination of these, then the section on how to catch a girlfriend cheating will surely help you investigate those suspicions effectively.

A top-grade spy app like mSpy gives you effortless remote access to your girlfriend’s phone. With mSpy, you’ll gather just about every essential piece of information you need to make sense of her recent behavior changes. You can log into your mSpy dashboard anywhere, anytime to view up-to-the-minute records of her incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, contacts, social media activities, multimedia files, location, etc.

You can also hire a private investigator to help you do your groundwork if you’re not prepared to sort through her files and track her activities closely. You can also try asking her friends to help provide any relevant information about an affair she might be having.

If your suspicion turns out to be accurate, you need to avoid making hasty decisions. You need to figure out how best to deal with the situation depending on the unique relationship factors when you catch a cheating girlfriend.


What Is the Best Way to Catch a Cheating Girlfriend?

The best way is a professional spy app, like mSpy. The heavy suspicions do not appear out of the blue. They are always the result of someone’s suspicious actions.

If My Girlfriend Looks at Others, Is It Considered Cheating?

It’s normal for your girlfriend to admire someone else and develop a liking for them. Still, it’s a different thing entirely if she decides to act out of sexual feelings towards someone else at the risk of ruining your relationship.

If My Girlfriend Visits Adult Sites, Is It Considered Cheating?

No, because she has the freedom to indulge in her peccadilloes, provided it doesn’t entail involving another partner in her sexual life.

If My Girlfriend Is Flirting With Others, Is It Worth Worrying About?

Yes, because she’s crossing the line and actually soliciting for sexual advances towards her, which is disrespectful to the intimacy you share in the relationship.

Does My Girlfriend Know That I Have Installed a Spyware Application?

No, high-tech apps, like mSpy, operate inconspicuously, leaving absolutely no clues behind as they siphon data around the clock.

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