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How Can I Track My Husband’s Phone Without Him Knowing?

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It’s normal for couples to have suspicions about each other’s faithfulness at some point. But sometimes, the suspicions can get really toxic, causing palpable tensions and strain on the relationship. At this point, no matter how much you’d wish for things to go back to normal, you always need to think with a straight head and make well-informed decisions.

To see things as they are, you’ll most likely have to stoop low to stalk your husband. But rather than snooping up on his phone when he’s in the bathroom or listening at the door when he’s taking secret calls, there’s a more dignified way of doing things.

A phone tracker can help you get all the information you need about him without a fuss. You’ll have complete access to all his phone activities right from the comfort of your screen. Over 1 out of 2 cheating spouses rely heavily on their phones for their secret affairs, so there’s a good chance you’ll figure out what your spouse is really up to by tracking his phone.

Ready to find out what your spouse is doing behind your back? Let’s dive in! 

Top 3 Spy Apps to Track My Husband’s Phone

NameSupported operating systemsMain FeaturesPriceLink
SpyngeriOS, AndroidReal-time location tracking
Text message monitoring
Social media tracking
Call recording
Hidden screen recorder
1 month – 45,49 $/mo;
3 month – 26,00 $/mo;
12 month – 10,83 $/mo.
mSpyiOS, Android, iPadCall monitoring and recording
Text message tracking
GPS location tracking
Social media monitoring
1 month – 43,49 $/mo;
3 month – 25,56 $/mo;
12 month – 10,83 $/mo.
PhonseeiOS, AndroidCall history tracking
Web browsing history
Social media tracking
1 month – 42,51 $/mo;
3 month – 24,79 $/mo;
12 month – 8,85 $/mo.

How Can I See What My Husband Is Doing On His Phone Using Spynger


For a more comprehensive tracking campaign, spy apps are your best bet. They’re easy and straightforward to use and provide you with real-time updates of all the information you need about your husband’s phone data.

Spynger is the best spy app for both newbies and experts. You’ll get a seamless user experience with one-click access to any phone data you want to check up on, from his calls to his messages, browsing activities, app activities, and location info.

How to Install Spynger on Android?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install Spynger on an Android device:

Step 1. Get Your Spynger Account

Take a moment to sign up for an account on Spynger’s official site. Provide a valid email, select Android as the type of phone to be monitored, and choose the best subscription plan for you.

Step 2. Download and Install the App

Once you’re done subscribing, check the email you provided for the confirmation mail and further instructions on how to set up the app. After that, you simply have to change a few security settings on his phone and then load a link on his phone to activate a quick download and installation.

Step 3. Start Tracking Your Husband’s Phone

Now, you only just have to sit back and scroll through your husband’s texts, calls, etc., from your Spynger dashboard.

How to Install Spynger on iPhone?

The installation is nearly the same for iPhones, just differing by a step or two. You can learn how to track my husband’s phone without touching it because you’ll be tracking him remotely via his iCloud account. The only reason you might need to handle his phone is to ensure his iCloud syncing is active and to check two-factor authentication for his iCloud logins.

Step 1. Sign Up for Your Spynger Account

Set up your account at Spynger’s official site. Select iOS as the device type to be monitored and choose a suitable iOS tracking plan.

Step 2. Sync His iCloud

You’ll be needing his iCloud credentials for this step. Once you have that, log into your Spynger account, and enter his iCloud details on your homepage. His iCloud also needs to be active. His two-factor authentication should be inactive, except you can confirm the verification code from his device.

Step 3. Start Tracking His iPhone

Once all that is done, you simply just need to whip out your phone and scroll through your Spynger dashboard to check up on his phone activities.

What Else Can You Track Using a Husband Tracker App?

One of the reasons why we recommend spy apps like Spynger as the best method to track your husband’s phone is the depth and width of your coverage. You can have access to just about everything he does on his phone. Here’s all you can do:

  • Read the text messages. From social media messages to SMS and instant messages, and with time and date stamps and details of the sender/receiver. You can even read deleted messages.
  • Check call history, caller details, and calls recorded. Not just his phone calls but his VoIP calls as well, including FaceTime, Facebook calls, WhatsApp calls, and Instagram calls. 
  • Read emails. Gain access to every email account he opens from his phone, from Gmail accounts to Yahoo Mail, and even private server mails like his company email.
  • Check social media messengers. Get access to everything he does on his social messenger apps, including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, TikTok, Viber, Snapchat, etc. 
  • View photos and videos shared on the device. All of his multimedia libraries will be laid at your feet.  
  • Access contacts and calendars. Find out who he’s been talking to lately and what meetings they’re planning together. After that, use the location tracker to follow them down to their meeting venue.
  • Block specific websites or apps easily. Take a more proactive approach and disrupt his unbecoming activities.  
  • Access the Internet and web browsing history. Find out every web page he opens and everything he searches for online.
  • Block the unwanted numbers. Stop a suspicious conversation dead in its tracks by blocking certain contacts on his phone remotely.

How to Track My Husband’s Location With a Cell Phone Number?


Let’s look at another easy method you can use, and that is by tracking him with his cell phone number. We’ll be introducing Detectico, a software that puts highly sophisticated phone tracking capabilities in the hands of anyone with a genuine need to track someone.

It’s a simple, lightweight app with a straightforward interface that delivers remarkable results at all times. There are no complex installation or operational requirements – simply insert your husband’s phone number on the home screen, get the confirmation text opened on his phone, and you’re in.

To use this GPS tracker for cheaters:

  1. Run Detectico on your browser.
  2. Sign up for an account with your name and email.
  3. Select your preferred subscription plan. After completing the checkout, your login credentials will be sent to the email you provided.
  4. Log into your user account and enter your husband’s phone number on your home screen. You’ll then be asked to determine the content of the text that’ll be sent with the location-sharing link to your husband’s phone. 
  • You can either choose the default message or craft a new one you think will be more convincing.
  • The message can be anything that’ll make your husband click on the location-sharing link – a security notification, an offer from his favorite brands, etc., with the location-sharing link disguised.
  • Once the link in the text is clicked on his phone – either by him or you, Detectico will be automatically locked into his phone.
  1. Log into your Detectico account on your phone to check up on his real-time location or location history.

Very few location tracking apps make it that easy to track a phone number’s location for free. No need for complex technical steps like jailbreaking, rooting, or phishing, nor for other bogus phone data like their IMEI, Mac address, or IP address.  All it takes is simply entering your husband’s phone number and having the link clicked on his phone.

Plus, there’s no risk of ever getting detected – everything happens in total secrecy. Unlike the Find My methods that trigger location icons on the tracked phone, Detectico actually allows you to track your husband’s phone without him knowing because it won’t leave the slightest clue on your target’s phone.

How to Track My Husband’s Location for Free? 

If you’ve crossed the Rubicon and decided it’s high time to keep tabs on your husband, you’ve probably already dealt with the hardest part of tracking your husband’s phone. The rest is easy. You can use free tracking methods, though they’ll be limited in comparison to paid options.

If you’re big on tech, you’ll probably have even more free options to try with a wider range of capabilities. But all-inclusive phone tracking is only possible for the uninitiated through paid software.

We’ll examine both sets of options here. But first, let’s start out with the easy methods to track my husband’s location for free. 

Find My Friends (iOS)

find my friends

For iOS devices, the first free method we’ll recommend is the Find My Friends feature, which is designed to enable information exchange between linked iOS devices. With this, you can have your husband’s location data synced with your phone in a jiffy.

The location sharing can be kept one way – from the invited phone to yours, and that can help you keep your tracking activities under wraps. Note, however, that it’ll activate a location icon on your husband’s phone that can give you away. You’ll also need to access his phone for a few seconds. But that’s all the risk you’ll have to deal with.

To locate my husband’s phone using Find My Friends:

  1. Tap on the app in your iOS app menu.
  2. Click the ‘Add’ button in the top right corner.
  3. Enter your husband’s device on the next page.
  4. Grab his phone for a second to accept the invitation on it.

You can also set the duration for the location update – by the minute, hour, or day. It’s advisable to keep it to daily updates. That way, you’ll minimize the rate at which the location icon shows up on his phone – it’ll probably show up late in the night when he’s asleep. Just wait until the end of the day to safely discover where he’s been throughout the day. 

Find My iPhone (iOS)

find my iphone

Find My iPhone also works like Find My Friends, enabling you to check on the location data of your husband’s iOS device whenever. But it has the advantage of tracking phones even when they’re turned off. 

Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Grab your husband’s iPhone for a minute.
  2. Open Find My iPhone on his app menu.
  3. Set the passcode, then toggle the activation button to turn it on if it isn’t already active. You can also switch on the ‘Find My Network’ option to track his location through the Wi-Fi connections and the ‘Send Last Location’ to get the device’s last location before it shuts down from low battery.
  4. After that, all you need to do to get your husband’s location is simply open Find My iPhone on your own phone and enter your husband’s ‘Find My’ passcode, or log on to with your husband’s Apple credentials on any device, then select your husband’s device from the ‘All Devices’ drop-down menu at the top of your screen.

Once you do, your husband’s current phone location will show up on a map on your screen.

It works regardless of whether or not the phone is turned on or has an active internet connection.  The Find My iPhone service can even harness a network of iOS devices to find out the whereabouts of your tracked devices. Your husband’s phone will be tracked down by any iOS device within the closest range, and the owner of the device won’t even know.

But the location tracking for switched-off devices only works on devices with iOS 15 and older. 

Google Find My Device

find my device

You can use the Android version of the ‘Find My’ services to learn how to track someone on Google Maps without them knowing. You can also set the interval for the location updates, as well as the scale of the location results – regional or down to the exact street address.

One good thing about it is that you can use it to track your husband’s Android on any device, whether it’s your Android, iOS device, or PC. You simply just need to sign in to a Google+ account on the device you want to track.

However, the set-up process for Google’s Find My Device is the opposite of that of iOS. Rather than send out a location tracking invitation from your phone to your husband’s phone and then accept it on his phone, you’ll be sending out the invitation from your husband’s phone and then confirming it on yours.

To set up Find My Device on your husband’s phone:

  1. Grab his phone, open the Google+ app, and scroll down to ‘Menu → Locations → Location Settings → Location Sharing.
  2. Toggle on the location sharing switch, click on the ‘Pinpoint Location’ option and then select ‘Choose the People to Share With.’
  3. Enter your Google account and then click ‘Done.’

Now, you can check your husband’s location simply by opening the Google+ app, and then scroll down to the Location Sharing option and click on his phone. If you’re tracking with another type of device, simply open the Google+ web service on your browser, enter the Google+ account you chose to share your husband’s location with, and click on your husband’s device in the ‘Find My Device’ menu.  

Why Would You Want to Track Your Husband’s Phone?

A healthy relationship is supposed to be an open book, where everyone is free to express themselves about anything. That means it’s less enjoyable to hide things from each other. Therefore, for the sake of harmony and trust, it’s always advisable to explore any diplomatic and tactful means to resolve any issues in your relationship.

We also admit that things can get really bad, especially when there’s a huge communication gap in the relationship.

We’ve made a list of justifiable reasons to track your husband’s phone, but it’s by no means exhaustive: 

Maintaining Trust in the Relationship

So you’ve caught your husband lying once or twice about something really serious, and he’s apologized several times, but you just can’t seem to give him back the same level of trust as before. Maybe he deserves it, maybe he doesn’t, but tracking his phone can definitely help you find out. You’ll have a reliable means to find out anything about him, whether he speaks the truth or is lying and misleading you. 

Looking Out for His Safety

Is he the roadster that’s always on the move? You can track him to make sure he arrives and leaves everywhere he goes safely. With that, you won’t have to stay up all night worrying about him when he takes a night trip. You’ll always be at ease when you see his location live on your screen. And if there’s an emergency, you’ll have first-hand, accurate information about his location and well-being. 

Tracking His Location

If you have more reasons to track him besides his safety, phone tracking apps can help you out with that as well. With that, he won’t be able to lie successfully about his whereabouts, and you’ll most likely be able to get solid proof if he’s cheating on you. 

Checking His Messages

Normally, you wouldn’t have a cause to check his messages if he had nothing to hide. But if you’ve discovered a tendency that your husband keeps secrets from you, checking his messages might save you from worrying sick. You can track all the messages he sends or receives via any messaging platform, including the messages he’s deleted. 

Tracking His Calls

Besides his text, you can also track his calls to find out if he’s been lying to you. This will also help you collect crucial evidence of infidelity or any other form of deception he engages in. You can also combine his call data with those of other activities to have a fuller picture of his plans and intentions. 

Find Out If He’s Cheating

If you’ve noticed any signs of cheating in him recently, the best place to check is his phone. Chances are he’s going to turn to his phone at one point or another to keep in touch with his secret lover, and you can easily find out when that happens without him being aware.

With that, you can stop him from deceiving you and see the failed relationship for what it really is before it gets worse. 

Collect Important Evidence

With a phone spy app, you can gather all the evidence you need to make your case against him. All his phone data can be saved for future reference, so you’ll be armed with all the proof you need anytime you want to take matters up with him. It’s no wonder why phone spy apps are increasingly becoming a fixture in divorce cases. 

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to put up with the lies and deceit. You need to think with a straight head and save yourself the emotional rollercoaster. Don’t just wait around at the receiving end, take the bull by the horn and determine the type of relationship you want.

When you track your husband, he’ll find it virtually impossible to keep things from you. You’ll now have all the information you need to get to grips with the relationship. The rest is for you to decide – to confront him in a moment of truth – or, if he’s clean, to give him all the love and trust he deserves.

Location tracking solutions like the Find My services for iOS and Android devices and Detectico can give you reliable information about his whereabouts. But to learn more than just his location, you can use simple, straightforward spy apps like Spynger. With Spynger, you’re always just a click away from learning about all his phone activities, from his calls to texts, browsing activities, and location.

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