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How Can I Spy on a Cell Phone Without Installing Software on the Target Phone?

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UNICEF reports that kids might be exposed to sexual coercion while online. So, let’s establish a simple truth: your kids need more protection from online predators.

Although you can see their smartphone activities when they’re within reach, what happens when they embark on holidays or move to a boarding school?

Also, infidelity is a common issue in some marriages, and guess what? Reports show that 30.6% and 40% of men and women admitted engaging in cybersex with someone who wasn’t their spouse, respectively.

With issues like this being constant in today’s world, how can you protect your children or minimize spousal infidelity? It’s simple – monitor their cell phones 24/7. 

If you’re wondering how you can go about spying on a person’s phone, this article discusses proven methods that’ll see you trawl data from the target device without breaking a sweat.

Ready? Take a deep breath and dive in!

Is It Possible to Spy on a Cell Phone Without Having It?

Yes, installing spyware without a target phone is possible, but only if they use an iPhone. Thanks to iCloud support, you can track activities on an iPhone if you have the target’s login details. Luckily, you can set the iCloud logins at the point of purchase if you’re gifting someone.

On the flip side, you can’t spy on someone’s phone without having it if the target uses an Android device. Here, you must install the app on the target’s cell phone. Any software that claims otherwise is likely a hoax.

Regardless, it’s noteworthy that experienced malicious actors can configure misleading links to trick web users into downloading their apps. Working with one would only require the target to click the link they receive and consent to download the app. Be vigilant!

Methods to Track Cell Phone Secretly for Free

Do you know the first quality to ensure in a surveillance setup? Invisibility. Letting your target know you’re spying on them defeats the purpose. 

Thus, we’ll be looking at methods that help you know how to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing for free.

What’s better? These alternatives are simple and accessible.

Ready to go? All aboard!

Social Engineering

social engineering

Have you seen movies where the spy agent borrows their target’s cell phone, installs a bug, and gives them back within a few minutes?

Typically, their excuses range from “May I make a quick phone call with your cell? Mine’s out of call credits,” to “Can I send a quick message to my driver? My phone just went out.”

Whichever the excuse may be, they end up getting the phone. First, social engineering works since spyware installs faster than other apps, and two, humans are naturally interested in helping.

Luckily, you don’t have to spray Chanel, wear tuxedos, or bump into your target before borrowing their device since we’re looking at teenage kids and spouses.

You have various reasons to borrow their cell phone; otherwise, you may go through it when they’re asleep.

Malicious Links


Malicious links show how to install spy software on cell phones remotely. This URL redirects your target to a download page you’ve created for the spy app. Note that the app is usually disguised in this method so that the user can install it on their cell phone.

You can send a malicious link to your target through email, a WhatsApp message, or a text. However you choose to, what’s important is that they consider it safe enough to access.

What’s better? You may configure these links to initiate installation automatically without the target’s consent.

Alternatively, you may clone a social media page your target visits regularly and send them the link so they log in with their credentials. This alternative, commonly called phishing, helps access your target’s account on this platform instead of the whole phone.

For example, a cloned Twitter link will give you access to the username and password of anyone who logs in through the page.

NOTE: Creating a malicious or phishing link might require technical knowledge. Therefore, you may have to engage a professional. 

Software Vulnerability


Spying via software vulnerability requires exploiting the shortcomings of specific applications on your target’s cell phone. Take WhatsApp as an example.

You can clone your target’s WhatsApp profile using the Web function functionality, giving you access to their messages, contacts, and everything else on the app.

What’s better? This process is straightforward. You need to scan the target’s WhatsApp QR code with your phone’s camera and rescan on your laptop for a web version of the reviewed account.

Note that this method is one of the few ways you can spy on a person’s cell without installing any software on their phone. Nonetheless, remember it requires initial access to their cell phone, so your social engineering skills may come in handy.

Nonetheless, software vulnerability has its downsides. With this alternative, you cannot spy on the whole phone, as monitoring is limited to the app you target.

Sniffing Wireless Network


Do you know your partner’s Wi-Fi can do more than use up your data balance? It can also provide unrestricted access to their cell activities.

But there’s a catch: it’s time to be a greyhound!

Not literally, of course. But sniffing describes picking up on tidbits of information on your target’s phone before gaining full access.

Why? You’ll have to crack their wireless network’s password for a start.

Albeit tasking on the surface, you’ll find tons of video tutorials online on starting this activity. Upon cracking this code, you can nose into their cell phone and track whatever information you want.

However, note you may be unable to see this process through yourself. Perhaps a professional or an app that simplifies cell phone monitoring is preferable, bringing us to our following discourse.

Spy on Cell Phone Remotely With mSpy


The various methods featured above have their unique shortcomings. Consider malicious links and the need to create them using an expert hacker. Ask yourself: are you willing to expose your private affairs to a malicious actor?

Similar perimeters apply if you use social engineering to get your target’s cell phone for a while. Now that you have their device, what app do you install for the best results? Some spy apps store the data they obtain on their servers for nefarious purposes.

Thus, settling for a trustworthy spy software becomes vital, where mSpy makes its debut.

mSpy is a phone surveillance app aimed at knowing more and worrying less. The tool grants you full access to a target phone, including online and offline activities, to provide information on who uses the bugged phone.

With this app, you can bid goodbye to suspicions and settle for hard facts.

You must be wondering, “what’s the catch?” Luckily, we can assure you that there aren’t any. mSpy provides the ultimate spy experience without leaving any chance for backfires.

mSpy Setup Is a Breeze

Setting up mSpy takes only four steps:

  1. Create an account by inserting a valid email.
  2. Select the device type to monitor: Android, iOS, or decide later.
  3. Choose a payment plan.
  4. Install the app on the target’s Android or enter their Apple ID credentials to start.

The entire process takes only five minutes or less.

Stay Incognito With mSpy

mSpy leaves no trace on your target’s phone, as the app doesn’t appear as an icon even when installed (on Android). Similarly, there is no chance of anyone else finding out through notifications.

Data Safety Is Assured

A significant threat of most spying apps is the fear that they may compromise the data they collect.

Thankfully, this isn’t a theme on mSpy, as the software uses bank-grade encryption to ensure you’re the only party who can access retrieved data. mSpy transmits; it doesn’t store your data in any location, so there’s no possibility of an information leak.

Guess Less, Know More, Spend Less

mSpy offers 24/7 data coverage for as low as $9.99 monthly. Consequently, you can keep your subscription running without breaking the bank. Clients are assured of worry and suspicion-free relationships with these affordable options. mSpy is sufficient proof that peace of mind isn’t necessarily expensive.

What Can You Get With mSpy?

mSpy knocks out the competition with its excellent and exclusive features. These specs may explain how the app has satisfied customers for a decade and spread its offerings to over 180 countries.

The following are unique features mSpy offers to its users:

  • Keylogger

Also known as the keystroke logger, this tool records your target’s keystrokes while using the bugged cell phone.

mSpy’s logger reveals all touches, clicks, downloads, and conversations. This feature works independently as a surveillance station.

  • Location Tracker

With mSpy, you can track everywhere your kid visits. Since mSpy updates you every five minutes, you can always know where your ward is or where they are headed in real-time.

What’s better? The location tracker feature also enables Geofencing, a sub-feature that lets you create a safe territory for the target. If the target device goes past these boundaries, the app notifies you immediately.

  • Apps Blocking

mSpy improves the scope of limitations for spying apps with this feature. You can now prevent your kids from accessing some applications on their devices. So, this functionality provides control alongside information.

However, we suggest using this tool wisely to prevent suspicion.

  • Internet Filtering

Studies reveal that 84.4% and 57% of males and females between 14 and 18 are exposed to pornography.

Fortunately, mSpy can restrict porn access from your wards using its Internet filtering feature. With this tool, you can prevent your kids from surfing such websites.

  • Multimedia Files Monitoring

mSpy also features a tool to track the media content on your target’s cell phone.

Know why this feature is essential? You can ensure your wards don’t get banned materials from offline sources since they’re inaccessible online due to the Internet filtering spec.

  • Social Media Tracking

Unlike the part access you get with a phishing page, mSpy grants you complete coverage of your target’s social media platforms.

You can know everything that happens on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Kik, etc. Thus, you can protect your kids and understand them better with the information you track.

NOTE: If you’d like to see the aforementioned features in action without paying for a plan, mSpy has got you covered with its demo version. This platform gives you an insider view of what your Control Panel should look like upon installation on the target’s device.

How to Spy on iPhone Without Touching Phone: Install Spyware Without the Target Phone

spy on iphone

Knowing how to spy on an iPhone without the target phone is possible due to phone tracker apps like mSpy. Let’s see how you can install this application without touching the target cell phone.

But, first, what provisions does mSpy make for iOS devices?

mSpy is available in two versions if your child uses an iPhone: jailbreak and the no-jailbreak. The former is compatible with jailbroken iOS 7-8.4; 9.0-9.1 devices and requires physical access to the phone. Thus, your social engineering skills must be sharp if your target uses a jailbroken iPhone.

On the contrary, the latter version works with all iOS versions and works without physical access to the iPhone. You only need to have the target’s Apple ID and password and ensure they have turned on iCloud backup.

Follow these instructions to successfully spy on your target’s iPhone using mSpy without physical access.

  1. Choose “Try Now” from the homepage.
  2. Provide a functioning email address to receive a confirmation email.
  3. Select “iOS” on the next page.
  4. Choose a convenient subscription plan out of the options.
  5. Pay for the bouquet and proceed to your email.
  6. Open the email to find your activation code, Control Panel link, username, and password.
  7. Click on the specified link and input the target phone’s Apple ID and password when the page loads.
  8. Open your Control Panel on the website to start surveillance.

How to Spy on Android?


Is it possible to know how to spy on an Android phone without touching it? Unfortunately, no. Unlike iPhones, you must establish physical access with an Android to aid mSpy installation.

How? Follow these steps:

Step 1. Subscribe to Your Preferred Plan

mSpy offers different plans for varying needs. Therefore, selecting the ideal fit for your coverage is necessary before installing mSpy on the target cell.

  1. Create an account on mSpy.com following the “Try Now” link. Input a working email address to receive installation guidance, and remember to accept the site’s T&Cs and the Privacy Policy.
  2. Select “Android” on the next page. Alternatively, you may use the “Decide Later” option if you aren’t ready to set up surveillance.
  3. Select a preferred subscription package. mSpy currently offers three plans: 1-month, 3-months, and 12-months.
  4. Complete your purchase by adding the plan to your cart and input your credit card credentials to pay. You’ll receive a confirmation email after this step. This mail will contain your order information, Control Panel link, username, and password. Proceed to download the application to access the Control Panel.

Step 2. Disable Google Play Protect

Google Protect disallows spyware installation, so you’ll have to override the standard settings on the target cell phone.

Do so using these steps:

  1. Ensure that the target cell is connected to the Internet.
  2. Open the Play Store and select “Menu.”
  3. Find Play Protect among the options.
  4. You’ll see the  Settings icon, typically with three vertical dots. Click on this button.
  5. Toggle the “Scan Device for Security Threats Option” to off.

NOTE: You must take these steps on the target cell phone, so the speed is vital. However, you have no cause for alarm as it’s a straightforward procedure. Nevertheless, consider going through the steps on your Android for practice.

Step 3. Download mSpy Installer on the Target Phone

Install the mSpy app on the target cell following these instructions:

  1. Open Google Chrome on the target cell phone.
  2. Tap the search bar, so the keyboard appears.
  3. Paste the control panel link you received in your confirmation email and open it.
  4. The next page will require you to complete a “captcha” security check by drawing a specified shape. Complete this challenge and click “OK” in the popup menu.
  5. A prompt is likely to appear at the bottom part of the screen. Click Open, enter Settings, and turn on “Allow from This Source.”
  6. Go back, click Next, and wait for the app to download.

Done? Let’s move on to mSpy activation!

Step 4. Activate mSpy on the Target Cell Phone

The mSpy app won’t function if you won’t activate it after installation.

Below is how to install the spy software on cell phones remotely:

  1. The “Accept the License Agreement” popup will appear immediately after installation. Check the box.
  2. Choose “Allow for all permissions” should the permission prompt pop up.
  3. Stick to the instructions on the screen and tick the necessary permissions.
  4. Check the initial email for the registration code and provide it in the required field.
  5. Finish installation!

Step 5. Start Monitoring

The last stage to know how to remotely access the Android without them knowing requires logging into your mSpy account, opening the Control Panel, and filling in the requested information. These fields include the target device’s brand, model, and phone number.

Following these steps to the latter will allow you to spy on someone’s phone without having it if correctly done. Now, you can start tracking every call your kid makes, the websites they visit, and the social media platform they frequent from your phone’s convenience.

Are There Any Legitimate Websites That Claim to Spy on Android?

You’ll find plenty of sites pushing the best spy app for Android without access to the target phone. However, the truth is that a spy app without a target phone doesn’t exist.

Thus, any platform offering a resource that lets you spy on Android without initial installation is a scam.

We’ll point out two popular options these websites offer and their shortcomings to show how none of them can spy on Android remotely.

The first method requires you to create a Bluetooth connection with the target phone, after which you send the app’s APK file to them. However, this technique is flawed, as transferred Bluetooth files appear on the phone’s screen and even make notification sounds. Also, over half of these applications are not secure for use.

These apps may serve as a backlink into your cell for a malicious hacker or keep the information they retrieve for blackmail or sale.

Another alternative is sending a QR code to the target phone, so the company’s app installs instantly once the recipient scans the image. However, the failure of this method is that popular messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Messenger prohibit such photos.

Therefore, the message never makes it to its intended destination. These sites know this eventuality, which explains why they charge a one-time, non-refundable deposit to use their services.

Final Thoughts

“How can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone” is a common search engine query recently. Thanks to the constant dangers the digital world exposes kids to these days. Consider that kids are the most prone to sexual exploitation from unwelcome adults.

What’s more? Bullying is a constant at many schools, especially when most students can access the Internet. It’s common to find illegal school forums dedicated to shaming some students.

Thus, it’s easy to understand parents’ desire to spy on cell phones to protect their kids online secretly.

Thankfully, mSpy is an excellent resource for achieving this objective. With this spyware, you can monitor and control your child’s cell phone activity while giving them enough space to avoid overbearing.

However, before you learn how to spy on a cell phone without access, consider this act’s rules in your region.

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