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With Cell Phone Location Tracker You Can Locate Them Secretly

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You’re probably wondering, “How can I track someones location?”

The answer is “Easily!” – and there are several ways to do it. Cell phone location tracking has become a big business, with companies like Google and Apple able to collect data about our whereabouts at all times. According to research company Gartner Inc., these datasets enabled firms to enter the market for location-based services, which were predicted to grow to $8.3 billion in 2014.

This number has only grown today, as the technology for tracking our movements has become more sophisticated and widespread. But what if you want to track someone without their permission? Can average users access this information?

The answer is yes – and there are many ways to do it. This article will provide some of the most popular ways how to track a phone location without their knowledge.

Why Do You Need GPS Phone Tracker

Do hackers know how to locate someone’s phone? It’s no secret that many people worry about their privacy when it comes to their cell phone usage. But there are plenty of reasons you might want to track a cell phone location, and most have nothing to do with spying. Here are just a few examples:

  • Concerned parents: If you’re a parent, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to know where your kids are at all times. With a cell phone tracker, you can rest assured that they’re safe and sound, even if they’re out of your sight.
  • Cheating spouse: If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, a cell phone location tracker can be a great way to confirm (or dispel) your suspicions.
  • Old relatives with disabilities: If you have an elderly relative who lives alone, you may want to use a cell phone tracker to check in on them from time to time. This can help you ensure they’re doing okay and haven’t wandered off somewhere and gotten lost.
  • Own lost or stolen phone: If your phone is lost or stolen, tracking its location can help you recover it. In some cases, you may even be able to remotely wipe the data from the device to protect your information.

So as you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to learn how to track a cell phone location without installing software. Just be sure to respect other people’s privacy, and only use this information for good!

How to Track Someone Location with Phone Number


How to find someone’s location? While many phones now come with built-in security features, it can still be tough to track down a lost or stolen device. Fortunately, there are several ways to track a cell phone location by its number.

One option is to use a service like Detectico. You can use it to discover a person’s location by using their mobile phone number. Detectico is a straightforward solution that anyone can use. The price for Detectico is $0.79 per one-time use or $49.80 per month. 

To use Detectico, simply enter the mobile phone number you wish to track into the search bar on the GPS phone tracker website. Then, the tracking link is sent directly to the target phone via text message from Detectico. A person taps on the link, and their location is then displayed on a map.

Detectico is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to find a lost or stolen mobile phone or wants to keep track of a loved one’s location. With its simple interface and affordable price, Detectico is the perfect solution for all your phone tracking needs.

Factors to Remember Before Using GPS Phone Tracker 

Can you put a tracker on a phone? Sure. But If you’re considering using a cell phone tracker, you should keep a few things in mind first.

First, make sure that the tracker is compatible with your device. Not all trackers will work with all phones, so checking before you buy is essential. For example, Android phones will need a tracker that’s specifically designed for Android. In contrast, iPhones will need one that’s compatible with iOS. However, some general-purpose trackers will work with most types of phones.

Second, the app you choose should have a stealth mode so that it can’t be detected by the person whose phone you’re tracking. This is essential if you want to keep your cell phone location tracker secret. Otherwise, the person you’re tracking will know that you’re doing it, and they may take steps to avoid being tracked.

And finally, avoid both cheap apps and expensive options. There’s no need to spend much money on a tracker, and inexpensive apps are often less reliable. Top-rated mid-priced options are usually the best bet. They’ll give you the necessary features and reliability without breaking the bank.

What Can You Track with GPS Phone Tracker?

Have you ever wondered how to track a phone location? Most people would be surprised to learn just how many things can be tracked with a simple spy app. Here are a few examples:

  • Real-time location tracking: Many spy apps allow you to track someone’s location in real-time, meaning you can see their exact location at any given moment. This is especially useful if you keep tabs on a child or elderly relative.
  • Geofencing: Geofencing is a feature that allows you to set up virtual boundaries around a certain location. If the person you’re tracking enters the boundary, you’ll be alerted. A cell phone location tracker is a great way to ensure your kids stay safe when they’re out and about.
  • Wi-Fi location tracking: If the person you’re tracking has their Wi-Fi turned on, you can often use the signal to triangulate their approximate location. This can be helpful if you’re trying to find someone who’s lost their phone.

These are just a few things that can be tracked with a spy app. As you can see, these apps can be extremely useful for keeping tabs on loved ones and making sure they’re safe.

What Are Some Common Features Of GPS Phone Tracker Apps?

If you’re interested in how to locate someone’s phone, you’ll want to choose a spy app with various tools. There are some common features that most popular spy apps offer. Here are some examples:

  • Call Log Tracker: This feature allows you to see all incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone, as well as the date, time, and duration of each call. You can also see any missed calls.
  • Remote Control: With this feature, you can remotely control the target phone. This means you can view all the phone’s activities, including text messages, call history, GPS phone tracker, and more.
  • Screen Recorder: This tool allows you to record the screen of the target phone. This is useful if you want to see what someone is doing on their cell phone.
  • Text Reader: You can read all the text messages on the target phone, even if they are deleted.
  • Internet history and websites blocking: This tool allows you to see all the websites that have been visited on the target phone and any blocked websites.
  • Monitoring media files: You can see all the photos and videos taken on the target phone as well as text logs of the cell phone location tracker.
  • Social Apps Tracker: This feature allows you to track all the social media apps installed on the target phone, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. You can also see how often these apps are used and what activity is happening in them.

With these features, you can easily track somebody without their permission and get detailed information about their whereabouts and activities.

How to Track a Phone Location: Top 4 Apps 

Many people these days are interested in how can I track someones location.

Various spying apps are available on the internet, but not all are good. To help you choose the best one for your needs, we have compiled a list of the best spy apps for cell phones.


mspy location tracking

mSpy is one of the most famous GPS phone tracker spy apps. It has a very user-friendly interface, and it is effortless to use. It also has many features that other spying apps don’t have.

One of the unique features of mSpy is geofencing. It allows you to set up a virtual perimeter around a particular location. Then, if the person you are spying on goes outside that perimeter, you will be notified. Another feature is the remote control. With this feature, you can remotely control the activities of the person you are spying on.

mSpy also has a very reasonable price. It offers a wide range of subscription plans that you can choose from $48.99/1 month or $27.99/3 months. You can also get a discount if you subscribe for a longer time.

Cell phone location tracker is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can also use it on your PC or Mac.


✅ User-friendly interface

✅ Many features

✅ Reasonably priced

✅ Compatible with multiple devices


❌ Number of target devices is limited

Spy Mobile Tracker

Spy Mobile tacker

How to locate someone’s phone? Spy Mobile Tracker is an excellent option for those looking for an affordable way to track cell phone locations. Spy Mobile Tracker offers all the basic features you would expect from a cell phone location tracker, including the ability to remotely control the activities of the person you are spying on.

Regardless you are the owner of an iPhone or Android device. It is possible to take advantage of this app. Remember that you must pay for the subscription after a trial period. However, the price is affordable – $41.99 per month.


✅ Affordable

✅ Offers all the basic features of a cell phone location tracker

✅ Can be used on both iPhone and Android devices


❌ You have to pay for the subscription after the trial period is over



SpyMonster is a cell phone location tracker app that allows you to track somebody without permission. It is an excellent spy tool that won’t break the bank. You can use it to track your partner or kids. SpyMonster has many features, including GPS tracking, call logs, text messages, and more. The app is very user-friendly and easy to use.

In terms of the long-term subscription price, SpyMonster is affordable. It has a yearly subscription of $9.99. After purchasing the app, you can track any phone.


✅ SpyMonster is affordable.

✅ SpyMonster has many features, including GPS tracking, call logs, text messages, and more.

✅ The app is user-friendly and easy to use.


❌ To track a cell phone without permission, you must purchase the app.



eyeZy is a powerful GPS phone tracker app that can be used to track somebody’s cell phone location without their permission. The app has many features, including the ability to see the person’s current location, track their movements, and even see their location history.

The app is accurate and doesn’t require special permissions from the person you’re tracking. All you need is their phone number, and you’re good to go.

The app costs $47.99 per month, which is a bit pricey compared to other tracking apps on the market. However, it’s worth it for the features and accuracy you get with this app.


✅ eyeZy is very accurate

✅ It doesn’t require any special permissions

✅ Many advanced features are available

✅ GPS phone tracker  runs in stealthy mode


❌ Price is a bit high compared to other tracking apps

How to Track a Phone Location with Spy App

Finding the best cell phone location tracker  app can be daunting, with so many different options available on the market. However, most spy apps operate on the same principle: tracking cell phone location data can provide a wealth of information about a person’s movements and activities.
While each spy app has its specific features and installation process, the following steps provide a general overview of how to install and use a spy app.

  1. Register your spy app account on the website. Choose the type of target device and subscription plan.

  2. You will get a welcome email with all your account data and instructions.

  3. Login into your account. Choose a target device and click on Geolocation.

  4. Follow the instructions to install the spy app on the target device. Once installed, the app will begin tracking cell phone location data and transmitting it to your account.

  5. Log in to your account regularly to check the data transmitted by the spy app. You can view statistics, graphs, and maps detailing the person’s movements and activity levels.

Final Words

We understand that there are many reasons why you want to know how to track a phone location. We hope that this article has given you some insights into the best apps to do so. Please feel free to share this article with anyone who might find it helpful. Thank you for reading!

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