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7 Best Parental Apps for iPhone – Effortless Solid Security

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iPhone is one of the most popular devices in the world, with 234.6 million units shipped in 2023. That is not without reason. iPhones are great as entertainment and productivity devices. It has a good-quality camera and excellent specifications.

However, iPhones are not perfectly safe from the spread of controversial content. You might not realize that your kids have opened content beyond their age when accessing social media or the internet in general. Therefore, parental apps for iPhone are highly sought-after tools in 2024.

In this article, we will delve into the 7 best parental apps for iPhone in 2024.

The Best Parental Monitoring App for iPhone Listed

Whether you want to find an iPhone spy app for parents that may offer features like geo-tagging or browser checking, the market always has what you need. Here are the best apps we highly recommend trying:

1. mSpy – Excellent monitoring app with tons of features

2. Parentaler – A simple kids’ monitoring app that’s working excellent

3. XNSPY – Dependable spy software to monitor devices remotely

4. Eyezy – Solid support even for older iOS versions and valuable screen capture features.

5. ClevGuard – The best call and screen recording app

6. uMobix – A simple yet unbeatable location-tracking tool

7. Life360 – One-of-a-kind tool to track your family locations.

Comparison Table of Top 7 Parental Control Apps for iPhone

To give you an idea about these apps, here’s the master table for you to understand each of them better:

NamePricingCompatibilityFree TrialLink
1. mSPy$48.99/month – Monthly$27.99/month – Quarterly$11.66/month – AnnuallyAndroid, iPhone (11+), iPad.No (Demo)🌐
2. Parentaler$42.69/month – Monthly$24.40/month – Quarterly$10.17/month – AnnuallyAndroid (4.0 and up), iPhone (up to the latest)No🌐
3. XNSPY$29.99/month – Monthly (Basic)$13.99/month – Quarterly (Basic)$4.99/month – Annually (Basic)$35.99/month – Monthly (Premium)$19.99/month – Quarterly (Premium)$7.49/month – Annually (Premium)Android (4.0 and above), iPhone (version 6.x and above)No🌐
4. Eyezy$38.39/month – Monthly$22.39/month – Quarterly$7.99/month – AnnuallyAndroid (4.0 and above), iPhone (7.x and above for non-jailbreak)No (Demo)🌐
5. ClevGuard$9.99 – 1 Month Plan (Basic)$ 19.99 – 3-Month Plan (Basic)$49.99 – 1 Year Plan (Basic)$39.99 – 1 Month Plan (Pro)$59.99 – 3-Month Plan (Pro)$109.99 – 1-Year Plan (Pro)Android, iPhone (version 10+), iPadNo (Demo)🌐
6. uMobix$49.99/month – Monthly$29.99/month – Quarterly$12.49/month – AnnuallyiPhone, iPad, Android (4.0 and above)No (Demo)🌐
7. Life360$4.99 – Monthly$49.99 – AnnuallyAndroid (9.0 and above), iPhone (14.x and above)Yes (7 Days)🌐

Parental Control Apps for iPhone Reviewed

In this section, we will explain each tool for iPhone monitoring for parents, along with their pros and cons to help you form a better final decision.

1. mSpy – Excellent monitoring app with tons of features


One best parental monitoring app for iPhone that we highly recommend is mSpy. This parental tool is an effective pal to monitor all your kids’ online activities with ease. It is completed with a bunch of useful tools at your disposal to make the task much easier. The installation is also easy as users are given several options.

With mSpy, you can easily read messages and chats, including those on social media such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. The keylogger feature allows you to check each keystroke your kids make when they browse the internet or access social media.

There is no need to worry about missing anything, as this advanced feature can recover even deleted messages. Location-tracking features are top-notch, as you have a GPS tracking function and geo-tagging, which are highly functional to ensure kids’ safety.


  • Users can see even deleted messages
  • UI is friendly enough for beginners to understand
  • Stealth Mode is available
  • Features to block app and website access


  • The prices may be expensive.

2. Parentaler – A simple kids’ monitoring app that’s working excellent


Do you know if there is a hidden parental control app for iPhones? Parentaler offers various features parents can use to monitor their kids’ online activities.

This parental monitoring app for iPhone has location-tracking features, app blocking, and internet filtering. At an affordable price, Parentaler can be a one-stop app for all kinds of parental monitoring activities. Parentaler monitors chats on multiple apps and social media and tracks location using GPS, but there’s a catch. The GPS they use is so advanced that it offers additional solutions to provide accurate results.


  • The app offers comprehensive monitoring and tracking features
  • Compatible with all devices
  • UI is easy to understand
  • Customer support is excellent


  • Doesn’t have a Free Trial
  • Doesn’t have support for PC or Mac
  • Internet control features are limited.

3. XNSPY – Dependable spy software to monitor devices remotely


If you are wondering, “How to monitor kids iPhone?” XNSPY is one of the most effective methods parents can use to ensure their kids stay away from non-suitable sites and platforms. As access to the internet is limitless, your kids might probably get lost in a scammy and dangerous website.

To prevent it from happening, you can take action by monitoring their online activities from afar. XNSPY offers various functions to limit access to certain websites, block app access, and provide activity reports.

This tool works in the shadow by mining the iCloud details connected to your kids’ iPhones. That way, any saved data would be visible in the dashboard for you to read. However, please note there’s a time gap between a new activity update and the result. So, if you’d still like to wait, this tool can be a good option.


  • Stealth Mode is available.
  • Features that capture text, call logs, and chats in messaging apps
  • Regularly produces checking reports


  • Prices are quite high.
  • Location tracking disables stealth mode.
  • Doesn’t have a real-time location-tracking feature

4. Eyezy – Solid support even for older iOS versions and valuable screen capture features


Another on the list of parental control apps for iPhone that many would consider the best is Eyezy. This popular parental control app may provide you with a long list of features to make the monitoring task even easier. For example, parents can use Eyezy to see all the call logs and messages.

Users can also use Eyezy to track messages on messaging apps and social media. To learn your kids’ online habits, feel free to look at the dashboard to see what they have accessed. If you see any inappropriate websites, block their access for good.

To enjoy the access, you’ll need to pay for the plans offered as it’s not a free monitoring app for iPhone.

As icing on the cake, Eyezy also includes keyword alerts, a functional feature that lets you know if the kids are typing restricted words. So, for those asking, “What is the best parental control app for iPhone?” Eyezy can be a great option.


  • Plenty of features to enjoy
  • Plans are affordable
  • Difficult to detect
  • Geofencing is available


  • Doesn’t have call-recording features

5. ClevGuard – The best call and screen recording app


iPhone can be quite entertaining. Seeing 124.7 million users in February 2022, it’s not surprising to say that the device is dearly beloved. Although the phone itself is enjoyable, what matters most is the content the kids access. Not all kinds of content are safe for their consumption.

СlevGuard is another valuable parental control app that many users have been using for a long time. The thousands of messages, calls, and website visits data can be made into a report. Additionally, you can also use the tool to remotely monitor kids’ activities. If you notice anything unusual, use the screenshot feature to capture evidence.

In addition, users can enjoy the existing features, such as Wi-Fi connection checking and monitoring for up to 20 devices.


  • They are pretty generous with the discounts
  • Accurate location tracking
  • Data export ability


  • Features to track social media are limited.

6. uMobix – A simple yet unbeatable location-tracking tool


Although uMobix couldn’t be your dependable text monitoring app for iPhone, at least it is still known as one of the best location tracking tools. uMobix is a tool that tracks a phone’s location using GPS technology. Users can use it to see the media files on the phone and search browser history.

Additionally, it gives full access to Instagram and Facebook accounts, a feature that impressed so many people. With this ability, the tool can make it as if it’s your own account. Although the app is great on Android, we couldn’t say the same thing for iPhones as several features are limited.


  • The GPS tracking function is great.
  • Social media tracking features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Money-back guarantee applied


  • The plans can be pretty expensive.

7. Life360 – One-of-a-kind tool to track your family locations


For those asking, “How do I monitor my child’s iPhone?” The best answer is to use a parental control app like Life360.

This parental control app is a simple and functioning tool to track the location of your family members. After enabling the background app permission, Life360 can be that one tool that everyone in the family can use to see each other’s locations. You can simply see where they are by looking at the app.


  • Easy to setup
  • Location tracking features are excellent
  • A free version is available for limited use


  • The plans can be quite expensive.
  • Very limited parental control features

What Is The Best Parental Control App for iPhone?

If we consider price per value, we agree that mSpy is the best parental control app on the list. Monitoring iPhones and Android devices will be a breeze, as the tool packs many features to check messages, calls, and chats on messaging apps and social media.

How to Monitor Kids’ iPhones?

In this section, we will explain how to use iPhone apps to monitor a child’s phone. Let’s begin with mSpy. Before using the features, you must finish the installation process.

mSpy offers several installation options; you are free to choose which you’re most comfortable with.

Choosing The Plan

This is what you need to do before installing mSpy on both iOS and Android devices. In order to enjoy mSPy at its fullest, follow these simple steps:

  1. First, you have to make an account at mSpy.com
  2. Choose your plan
  3. Complete the purchase

After this, you can do the installation. There are two ways of installing mSpy: using iCloud Sync and Wi-Fi sync.

Installation Using iCloud Sync

If you want to monitor a device from someone you’re really close with, it’s recommended to use this method. After getting the iCloud credentials from the target, you can do the next steps:

  1. Make sure backup is available
  2. Select an iOS device as a target
  3. Choose iCloud Sync
  4. Login using the mSpy credentials
  5. Put the iCloud credentials to start connecting
  6. The app notifications the iCloud’s email and target device
  7. Fill in the 6-digit code sent to the target device
  8. The process of information collection. It’ll take a long time, so make a coffee or something.
  9. Once the process is done, all the essential data will be displayed on the dashboard.

Installation Using Wi-Fi Sync

Another way to install mSpy is through Wi-Fi sync. This method differs from the previous one in that you don’t need to get the iCloud credentials. However, physical access is still necessary to connect the kids’ iPhones to the available Wi-Fi connection.

To install mSpy using Wi-Fi Sync, follow the steps below:

  1. Install the Wi-Fi sync app that’s also included in the subscription on PC or Mac
  2. Connect the target phone to a desktop using a USB cable
  3. Let the backup data process begin.
  4. After it is done, disconnect the target phone, and now you can monitor it on the Wi-Fi connection.
  5. The essential information will be presented on the dashboard.


In defending the kids against the hazardous environment of the internet, the parents can always take action. Parental control apps are a blessing for them as they can present various features to let the parents know about what their kids are doing online.With a correct approach, combining psychological values and the best parental apps for iPhone may result in greater kid protection.

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