7 Best Keylogger Apps to Keep Your Kids Secure Online in 2024

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Up to 30% of kids are exposed to online harms. This worrying number is a result of a fast flow of information that is easily accessible from their devices. Fortunately, parents still have a chance to protect their kids using none other than the best keylogger.

The internet is a space of freedom where we can access any information we want. With wisdom in mind, we can even receive information from the internet and turn it into an actual skill to improve ourselves.

However, it’s not a perfect place either, as we can find a lot of cyberbullying and scam attempts from someone we never really know. These risks are even bigger for the kids as they are not aware of these issues yet.

Using the best keystroke capture software, parents may know what their kids are typing online. Therefore, they can take action before anything bad happens. In this article, we want to explain the 7 best keylogger software you can try today. See more of them right below:

What Is Keylogger Software?

Before you check this remote keylogger review, it would be best for you to understand what keylogger actually is. Keylogger software is the tool to record each keystroke on the device. So when we type something, the software will record it and send the data back to the person who installed it.

Keylogging can be software and hardware-based, depending on the needs and complexity of the data. Although it sounds so fishy, keylogger software can be used for positive reasons, such as to prevent scamp attempts, monitor employees’ activities, and find lost devices.

Best Keyloggers for iPhone & Android

When you search for the best keyloggers, chances are the search result will show you thousands of options. We know that it’s overwhelming to see them all at once.

Therefore, we want to give several remote keyloggers you can use in 2024. Check them below:

1. Eyezy – Simple keylogger for monitoring social media

2. Spylix – A simple and working protection tool

3. mSpy – Comprehensive protection tool with a keylogger

4. XNSPY – Easy to use keylogger for all

5. Phonsee – Affordable tool with a solid keylogger function

6. FlexiSPY – Powerful parental control app that packs a handful of features

7. Spynger – Keylogger tool with lots of support.

Comparison Table of The Best Keylogging Apps

To solidify your final buying decision, check out the master table below:

1. EyezyAndroid (4.0 and above),
iPhone (7.x and above for non-jailbreak)
$38.39/month – Monthly$22.39/month – Quarterly$7.99/month – Annually🌐
2. SpylixAndroid,
$ 9.99/month – Monthly$39.99/month – Quarterly$69.99/month – Annually🌐
3. mSpyAndroid,
iPhone (11+),
$48.99/month – Monthly$27.99/month – Quarterly$11.66/month – Annually🌐
4. XNSPYAndroid (4.0 and above),
iPhone (version 6.x and above)
$29.99/month – Monthly (Basic)$13.99/month – Quarterly (Basic)$4.99/month – Annually (Basic)$35.99/month – Monthly (Premium)$19.99/month – Quarterly (Premium)$7.49/month – Annually (Premium)🌐
5. PhonseeiOs (7+ and above),
Android (4.0 and above)
$ 42.51/month – Monthly$24.79/month – Quarterly$8.85/month – Annually🌐
6. FlexiSPYAndroid,
$ 49.95/month – Lite$79/month – Premium$119/month – Extreme🌐
7. SpyngeriPhone,
$44.56/month – Monthly$25.99/month – Quarterly$9.28/month – Annually🌐

Best 7 Remote Keylogger Review

Now, it’s time to introduce the best keystroke monitoring apps we highly recommend. We will describe each app along with its pros and cons. Let us start with Eyezy.

1. Eyezy – Simple keylogger for monitoring social media

eyezy keylogger

The first parental and keylogging app that we want to recommend is Eyezy. This tool is long known to be one of the best parental control apps people have been using today. Besides the protection features, like messages and call logs checking, Eyezy also has keylogger functions to alert parents.

Each time the kids type restricted words, parents will receive notifications sent right to their phones. This may help prevent bad cases from happening, as the internet can be a dangerous place for kids.

Eyezy’s keylogger is excellent for recording keystrokes on social media. By using the tool, parents can learn what their kids are searching and chatting about on the platform.


  • The keylogger is accurate.
  • This best iPhone keylogger also offers affordable plans
  • Parental control features are excellent


  • The keylogger function might not be as comprehensive.

2. Spylix – A simple and working protection tool


If you want to find an iPhone keylogger, Spylix can be a great option. Spylix may offer you a handful of keylogger features you can use on both Android and iPhone devices. Other than that, you can also get more details about the keystrokes, such as the logged time, apps, and full content.

What’s special about this keystroke recorder online tool is it works stealthily. It has a stealth mode that automatically activates each time the app runs. The app itself doesn’t require rooted devices and works on all Android versions.


  • Demo is available
  • There are several subscriptions to choose from
  • Works on both Android and iOS devices.


  • The Demo doesn’t include the iOS version of the app
  • The dashboard is not intuitive enough for people to understand clearly.

3. mSpy – Comprehensive protection tool with a keylogger

mspy keylogger for iphone

If you wish to have an excellent parental control app and working keylogger for iOS, mSpy is for you. mSpy has been one of the best parental control apps for a long time. It’s praised mostly for its great features that help many parents protect their kids online better.

However, the keylogger function of this app is also worth noticing. It works flawlessly in recording each keystroke the kids make on their devices. The alerts are also relatively quick, so the parents may respond quickly as well.


  • This best keylogger for Android also has lots of kids’ protection features
  • Easy-to-understand UI
  • Additional features are also available in the plans


  • The plan’s pricing can be quite expensive.

4. XNSPY – Easy to use keylogger for all


There’s a hidden keylogger for Android, a tool called XNSPY. Have you ever heard about this one before? XNSPY is a tool mostly used for monitoring or “spying” the kids’ online activities. Similar to the other tools we mentioned before, it has several parental control features to remotely check the kids.

When the app is running, XNSPY will work in the background and be really hard to trace. It will record keystrokes in stealth mode so that the target won’t easily know its whereabouts. Another great thing about it is that the app won’t affect the device’s performance, making it perfect to use on the kids’ or parents’ devices.


  • Stealth Mode
  • Accurate keylogger


  • High price
  • Doesn’t have a real-time location tracking feature.

5. Phonsee – Affordable tool with a solid keylogger function


There are some ways you can do to put remotely installed keyloggers, which can be quite complicated. However, if you want a keylogger that’s easy to use, Phonsee is just perfect for you.

Phonsee is an affordable and reliable keylogger software that’s specially designed for Android devices. It has a money-back guarantee and a demo version, so you can try to get an initial impression.

The keylogger function lets you see keystrokes, allowing you to easily identify passwords, searches, and any other information. The app also has a screen recording that you can use in case something “interesting” is found during the process.


  • Affordable plans
  • Has great features for daily use
  • Support iOS and Android devices.


  • Doesn’t have alerts for keywords, so parents have to check the report manually

6. FlexiSPY – Powerful parental control app that packs a handful of features


59% of kids have been exposed to cyberhate. Cyberhate is something that’s unexpected but can be prevented as long as the parents are aware. That’s why they should learn to use a hidden keylogger.

Another undetectable keylogger software we recommend is FlexiSPY. The software works smoothly to record keyloggers on iPads and desktops, an attribute not commonly present in so many monitoring apps.

This dependable software also includes comprehensive monitoring for social media, such as Instagram and TikTok.


  • Has great features to support social media monitoring
  • Keylogger alerts
  • It has an excellent GPS tracking feature


  • The installation process may take too long
  • The plans are expensive

7. Spynger – Keylogger tool with lots of support


If you want to use a keylogger that has excellent support for iOS and Android devices, Spynger is for you. This popular app is mostly known as a kid tracker. It helps you track your child’s location using GPS.

Additionally, the keylogger feature is included, making the software worth a try. Using this tool, you may check each keystroke on your kid’s device. If anything interesting catches your attention, use a screen record to collect evidence.


  • Dependable keylogger for both Android and iOS devices
  • Can monitor up to 16+ social media apps


  • Doesn’t have a feature to record calls

How to Remotely Install a Keylogger?

Interested in trying a keylogger software? We will tell you how. There are several steps you need to take to activate and use the keylogger feature from Eyezy. See more below:

  1. Go to Eyezy’s official site
  2. Get a subscription plan
  3. Choose which device you want to track
  4. Install the software on the target device, and ensure to follow the instructions in the email.
  5. Enter Control Panel
  6. Select the Keylogger tab
  7. Now, you can see every keystroke on the target device.


What do you think? It’s easy, right? Using a keylogger is not entirely terrible as long as you use it for something good. When used properly, a keylogger can be a tool to provide additional security to prevent scams, cybersecurity, and other form of internet harm.Make sure to get the best keyloggers mentioned on our list, and get the best protection now!

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