8 Free Android Spy Apps For a Cheating Spouse With Pro-Level Features

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So your partner has changed significantly of late. He now keeps late nights and does things that are making you feel uneasy. Something is just not right, but you can’t seem to put your finger on it. His phone could be the key to unlocking all the mystery, but it’s probably a no-fly zone.

In situations like this, free Android spy apps for a cheating spouse are your best bet. If you can pick the right one and set it up properly, you can have all the answers you’re looking for.

Perhaps he’s got a thing going with a new coworker. Also, dating apps are all the rage these days, and your husband is probably now giving in to the temptation. According to Statista, Tinder alone took in over 800 million new subscribers in the past year alone.

But whatever the case may be, with a reliable phone tracking solution, you can’t be far from the truth.

Here is a list of some of the 8 best apps to catch a cheater. These apps have consistently proven themselves over the years.

List of 8 Free Android Spy Apps to Find Out If Your Spouse is Cheating For Free

There are many ways to spy on your spouse’s phone for free, but using several markers led us down these options:

  1. Spynger
  2. mSpy
  3. Eyezy
  4. TheSpyBubble
  5. Spyic
  6. Find My Device
  8. North App

What Is the Best App to Catch a Cheating Spouse?

Tracking a cheating spouse is a highly sensitive matter. With the rollercoaster of emotions, you’d need a seamless, reliable phone tracking app that’s just plugged and played. You don’t want a complicated process that bogs you down and adds to the anxiety and frustration.

If you’re wondering, ‘what is the best app to catch a cheating spouse’ mSpy is the most recommended app for a good reason. The app is a creation of the masters of the art. Rigorously refined through more than a decade of reincarnations, mSpy offers the best phone tracking experience.

Let’s look more closely into what mSpy has in store for you. And then we’ll look at a few close runners-up.

Top 8 Free Android Apps to Catch a Cheater

If you think your partner might be cheating on you, there’s a chance they could be using an app to keep their affair a secret. While some applications are designed to help people cheat on their partners, others allow users to track a phone’s location or monitor activity on social media and messaging apps. Here are 8 free apps to catch a cheater.

#1 Spynger: Best Spy App For Android


Phone tracking is also easy and comprehensive with Spynger. Like the other apps, it supports multiple installation options. The rooted version gives you the full package, but you can still do a whole lot more with the non-rooted version.

If you want the full package, Spynger gives you all the resources and technical support you need to root your partner’s phone quickly and efficiently.

Both rooted and non-rooted versions cannot be detected, so you can rest assured your tracking operation will be between you and the app.

Spynger is moderately-priced and doesn’t get expensive when monitoring multiple devices. Plus, there’s a live demo and free trial versions to try it risk-free.

Key Features

  • Call monitoring (including call recording).
  • SMS tracking (including hidden SMS apps and deleted messages).
  • Social media tracker for Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, TikTok, Snapchat, etc.
  • GPS tracker.
  • The browser and email tracker.
  • Remote screenshots.


  • It is easy to use, with multiple installation options.
  • The rooted version has all the features, but the non-rooted version still has a lot to offer. 
  • It is undetectable.


  • The Spynger app may be a bit too comprehensive for some users

Free Trial: No

#2 mSpy: Best Android Spy App


mSpy gives you a seamless user experience, with one-click access to all the tracking tools you could ever need to reveal your partner’s secrets. Installation is a breeze, and everything stays totally under wraps right from the onset. The tracking reports are detailed and easy to digest.

You’ll find mSpy a handy tool to look up any info you need on your husband at any moment. Check his GPS if he comes home late from work. Or check his browser when you see a suspicious debit on his bank statement.

Plus, the free trial and money-back guarantee means mSpy lets you learn how to catch a cheater for free.

Key Features

  • Real-time location tracking.
  • Tracker for calls, texts, social media, emails, etc.
  • Total stealth operations.
  • Deleted data recovery.
  • Advanced tracking tools like screen recorder, app blocker, keylogger, keyword alert, etc.


  • You can check for infidelity without snooping through his phone.
  • mSpy records phone calls, texts, emails, and GPS location for evidence. 

The app is undetectable, so your partner won’t know you’re spying.


  • Some users say the app drains old phones quickly.

Free Trial: mSpy offers a demo version, which you can use to test out the features before you commit to purchasing a subscription.

Money-Back Guarantee: 10 Days

#3 Eyezy: Catch A Cheater On Android


Eyezy is also one of the best apps to catch a cheater, with a hefty collection of phone tracking tools available on a friendly user interface. The cheeky names of the features give them a PSYOPS vibe, and they do live up to their bill. With AI at the front and center of everything, the app tracks nearly every bit of data on your partner’s phone and distills them into easily digestible reports.

As one of the best apps to learn how to catch a cheating spouse using a cell phone for free, Eyezy also supports stealth monitoring. For all its AI-powered capabilities, Eyezy only just needs about 2MB of memory space to run (far less than the size of a simple image file). Plus, it doesn’t generate any suspicious files that could alert your target.

Key Features

  • Well-curated activity reports for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Viber, Snapchat, etc.
  • Detailed reports of emails.
  • Trackers for shared multimedia files, browsing activities, calendar, and location history.
  • Remote control features.
  • Multiple installation options depending on different tracking needs.


  • Easy to install and use
  • It is compatible with all popular Android devices
  • You don’t need to root the target device for most of the app’s features to work. 


  • The app is a bit pricey-Advanced features require you to root the target device.

Free Trial: Eyezy comes with a demo version that you can use to test the app’s features.

Money-Back Guarantee: 14 days

#4 TheSpyBubble: Reliable Spy App For Android


The SpyBubble comes really close to matching mSpy and Eyezy in terms of features, only those two have a few exclusive features. The SpyBubble is designed for parents, spouses, and anyone who needs regular access to their loved one’s phone data.

The installation is straightforward, though it requires a brief moment with your target’s phone. But once set up, everything else occurs remotely and in stealth.

To help you easily learn how to find out if your partner is cheating online, the SpyBubble does a great job at divulging details of all your partner’s activities. It even tracks deleted messages and files, saving copies of the files on your dashboard before your partner gets to delete them.

There are even remote parental control features that you can use to protect your lover from home breakers and unhealthy online activities.

Key Features

  • Trackers for calls, SMS, email, and social media.
  • Complete coverage of social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and the likes.
  • Location tracker and geofencing alert.
  • Browser tracker.
  • Remote screen recorder.


  • You don’t need any technical skills to set the SpyBubble up
  • The app is very affordable.
  • SpyBubble can track Android and iPhone devices.


  • SpyBubble has fewer features than other spy apps.
  • Customer service has been criticized.

Free Trial: No

Money-Back Guarantee: 14 days

#5 Spyic: Spy On Android Effortlessly


Spyic lets you get live updates as well as historical records of all your partner’s phone activities. Setting up the app is also easy, and it has a web version where you can log on from any device to view your partner’s activity updates.

Spyic monitors everything from calls to texts, social media, multimedia, contact list, etc. These features are neatly stacked on the user dashboard, accessible with just a click, containing every bit of detail needed to make sense of any particular activity.

Besides showing you how to catch a cheater on Android, Spyic also provides remote monitoring capabilities to help you keep your partner in check remotely from your device.

Key Features

  • Live location tracker, plus location history and geofencing alerts.
  • Untraceable operations.
  • Support for rooted and non-rooted devices.


  • The user dashboard is neatly organized.
  • Spyic offers remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Web-version allows viewing activity updates from any device.


  • It requires a jailbroken or rooted device for full functionality.
  • The app doesn’t have a free trial.

Free Trial: Only a demo version is available.

Money-Back Guarantee: 60 days

#6 Find My Device: Approved Android Tracker

find my  device

With Find My Device, you can easily spy on your spouse’s cell phone for free online. There’s no software to download, and you probably won’t need access to your partner’s phone. It’s a phone tracking feature that’s usually factory-fit into most Android phones. However, it’s only designed for location tracking.

To track your partner using Find My Device:

  1. Make sure the service is running on their Android. Open settings on their phone and then scroll to ‘Security → Find my Device,’ then toggle on the feature if it isn’t already turned on.
  2. Enter ‘Find My Device’ on Google search or open, and then enter your partner’s Google account.
  3. You’ll then be shown all the devices associated with the account.
  4. Once you click on the phone you want to track, you’ll immediately be taken to a well-detailed map where you can see the exact location of the phone.


  • Find My Device lets you track your spouse’s phone for free online. 
  • It’s a phone tracking feature built into most Android phones. 


  • Tracking requires user consent. 
  • Find My Device works when your partner’s phone is on.

Important: Find My Device only works when your partner’s phone is switched on.  As a Forbes piece on the service puts it, “This all assumes your [partner’s] phone is running and has a good GPS and data signal. If Google can’t get a fix, the above steps aren’t going to be of much use.” But there could be a way around it, though. The article continues “As long as you haven’t turned off location history, there’s a secure record of everyplace your [partner’s] phone has gone. Just use your Google location history, which is accessible online right here.”

#7 Newest Android Spy Software

scannero is undoubtedly one of the best catch a cheater apps without their phone. This service uses just your partner’s phone number to provide a highly detailed and accurate report of his location. No need to download anything or access his phone physically.

It works by sending a disguised tracking link to your target phone, which gives access to his phone’s location data once opened. So all you need to do is take a minute or two to sign up for your account on, send out the decoy message with the tracking link, and then wait for your partner to click on the link.

Once he does, you’re permanently locked into his location. It doesn’t matter what phone he’s using or whether or not he has mobile connectivity. Once locks into his phone, it can track it using not only his mobile carrier’s signal, which can go off when the phone is switched off, but his Wi-Fi and many other signals.


  • Accurately tracks your partner’s phone location without physical access. 
  • No need to download anything onto your partner’s phone. 


  • Requires your partner’s phone number to work.
  • Tracks location only if the target phone is opened and the tracking link is clicked.

#8 North App: Location Spy App For Android

north app

North App is a great alternative to It works the same way and gives you highly accurate historical and real-time location updates. You get to send out a tracking link that links up to your cheating boyfriend’s phone to yours once clicked.

Plus, it’s pocket friendly – you can use it to monitor your partner constantly for just under $1 a day.  Plus, there’s round-the-clock support for any technical assistance you might need. 


  • Accurate location updates—know your partner’s location at all times.
  • The app lets you monitor your partner without breaking the bank.


  • It lacks features compared to other location-tracking apps.

How to Spy on Your Spouse’s Phone Without Them Knowing

If you wish to learn how to catch a cheater on Android, you must install the mSpy app. Once the app is installed, you will be able to access the Control Panel, where you can view all of the activity that has taken place on the target device. To install mSpy, follow these steps:

1) Join mSpy by making an account. Sign up for mSpy by visiting Please provide a working email address so they can give you the necessary installation information.

2) Pick a subscription plan and the model of gadget you wish to keep tabs on.

3) Access the Control Panel using the username and password provided in the purchase confirmation email. They are required for cheating spouse app for android installation and Control Panel access.

4) Install mSpy on the device you want to spy on by following the steps in the confirmation email.

5) Once mSpy is set up, you can use any device with an internet connection to get to the Control Panel.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse Using a Cell Phone For Free?

There are many ways to spy on your spouse’s cell phone for free, each with its unique pros and cons. Some, like phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks, require deep technical expertise. One of the simplest methods is by taking the free trial of top-notch spy apps.

Most of our recommended apps offer some form of a free trial. But besides being for a limited time, the trials also have a limited range of features. You’ll most likely have to make do with barebone tracking features.

mSpy offers a free demo version, so you can test its features before purchasing the app. But there’s also the 10-day money-back guarantee. That means you can get back your money if you’re not satisfied after nearly two weeks of using the full version.

Another option to track your partner for free is downloading free spying apps from a torrent. Note, however, that it comes with several risks. Besides the possibility of downloading a vicious malware, you might end up with an app that’s totally unreliable and obsolete with no regular updates. It might be better just run with a legit spy app instead.

Some legit tracking apps offer holiday discounts – some up to 90%. If you can’t afford their full price, you can wait around for a holiday offer to get the apps at a significantly lower cost.


What Hidden Apps Do Cheaters Use?

Hidden apps for cheaters can be disguised as anything from calculator apps to file finders, documents apps, etc. One of the most popular is the Private Message Box, which looks like a calculator and comes with PIN security.

What Chat Apps Do Cheaters Use?

Some of the most popular dating apps for cheaters include Ashley Madison, Viber, Snapchat, Date Mate, and Tinder. Cheaters also often use hidden apps like Vaulty Stocks, which are messaging apps disguised as other apps.

What Cheating Secret Messaging Apps Look Like Games?

If you suspect your partner is using hidden apps for Android to cheat, you should keep an eye out for apps that are disguised as gaming apps on his phone. One good example is the Wickr Me app, which supports automatically deleted messages, and Secret Messenger, which comes with a cartoon-like app icon and also supports automatically deleted messages.


There you have it, folks. Now you know what is the best free app to catch a cheater. You can count on our recommended spy apps whenever you need access to your target’s phone data.

You can try some of them out for free without paying anything upfront, while others offer money-back guarantees that essentially mean you can try them out without risking any money. However, mSpy is the most affordable spy app in the market that also doesn’t compromise on features and quality.

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